Your job is taking up all your time and energy?

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This one is especially for you if you don’t identify with your job position. You’re doing your job, but you are not your job, you feel drained at work and you simply need more out of your days.


Your job is taking up all your time and energy? drained at work


Drained at work…

Yes, you’re grateful for having a job and you’re doing your best, you like your colleagues and your workplace…But if your work doesn’t feed your energy but makes you feel exhausted every day, try to recognize what does usually bring true value to your day and find ways to implement that in some form or shape. 

Take a step back and see how you can use your day, your position in a more productive and satisfying way. For instance, I gotta commute to work. I’m taking the train but then committing to walk 30 minutes twice a day, from and to the station. That’s a 1-hour walk daily. And let me tell you if it wasn’t for the job I’d not have found the time for an hour-long walk every single day. So just by implementing that, I start and end my working day by doing something for myself, working on my discipline, and feeling happier that at least I’ve done something good for my health. And those things are gonna stay with me, whether the job does or not. Hence, look for the long-term, deeper, personal gains in your daily “work situation” to make your days more valuable and feel like you’re actually able to do something for yourself, not just spend all day working “for someone else”/ just for the money. 

Same thing on the job, of course. What thoughts, insecurities, frustrations does your position trigger? Use your outside circumstances as insights, for your inner advancement.

drained at work

Please don’t fall into the trap of just giving in and feeling like your day is wasted and if only you could….do this or that instead. Figure out what you can do now to put yourself where you wanna be and feel a sense of accomplishment and a little more gratitude each day than you feel exhaustion and pity for yourself. 

It won’t change everything, but it does make a difference and you will feel less drained at work. 

Step by step you’re reshaping your days until finally one day you’ll hopefully have more days that feel meaningful, productive, and motivating than not. 

I’m not telling you to quit your job and follow your dreams, hell, you might not even know yet what that would even exactly look like. However, I do want to encourage you not to fall on the other side of the spectrum where you go about your days passively, feeling desperate or indifferent, like you don’t have any control over your time and day whatsoever. 



Your job is taking up all your time and energy?