Beautiful Wild Animals Flashcards For Kids Free Printable

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Beautiful Wild Animals Flashcards For Kids Free Printable

Take a look at these minimal and absolutely beautiful wild animals flashcards!

wild animals flashcards

Benefits of flashcards for kids

  • help build vocabulary
  • improve language skills
  • foster cognitive development
  • increase confidence
  • stimulates identification of objects
  • engaging activity for parent and child
  • knowledge development
  • improves fine motor skills
wild animals flashcards

Wild Animals Flashcards For Toddlers And Little Kids

This set of free printable flashcards is designed for the youngest among us, perfect for toddlers and little kids. The pictures are beautiful and colorful yet minimal. The font is black and easy to read. There are four flashcards on each page making them big enough for little kids.

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Free Printable Download

You’ll find your free printable download below. Simply click the link to open the PDF in a new tab or download it right away by clicking on the black “download” button.

This PDF consists of seven pages, with four flashcards on each page, for a total of 28 flashcards.

I recommend laminating the flashcards to make them more durable!

Cute Animals Flashcards

This set of flashcards features every child’s favorite, wild animals and so I hope your little one will love them just as much as mine does. The animals included in this set are:

  • lion
  • tiger
  • elephant
  • cheetah
  • wolf
  • deer
  • kangaroo
  • zebra
  • giraffe
  • panda
  • bear
  • koala
  • polar bear
  • hippo
  • rhino
  • hyena
  • gorilla
  • monkey
  • chimpanzee
  • crocodile
  • eagle
  • snake
  • chameleon
  • vulture
  • antelope
  • buffalo
  • meerkat
  • wombat

Fun facts about some of the wild animals:

  • lions hunt during storms
  • elephants are the world’s largest land animal
  • kangaroos can’t move backwards
  • cheetahs are the fastest land animals
  • snakes smell with their tongues
  • monkeys live both on the ground and in the trees
  • hippos produce their own sunblock

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Download your free printable below!


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Have fun!