How To Prepare Your Body, Mind & Soul For Labor

Top tips on how to prepare for labor in order to have a positive natural childbirth experience.  A holistic approach.

Preparing your BODY for labor and childbirth

#1 Have a healthy, well-balanced diet, stay active, and get enough rest #2 Get familiar with different birthing positions #3 Practice various breathing techniques #4 Pay attention to your posture and lean forward while relaxing #5 Perineal massage #6 Pelvic tilt & more!

Foods & Drinks Raspberry Leaf Tea Popular dosage recommendation: 1-2 cups a day starting in your 3rd trimester and increasing the amount to 3-4 cups by week 37/38. Nettle Tea Recommended: 1 cup a day in your 3rd trimester

Dates Recommended: 4-7 dates per day, starting from week 36

Preparing your MIND and SOUL for labor

#1 Educate yourself and prepare accordingly #2 Make sure to have a support system - choose a birth partner #3 Look up visualization exercises/techniques  #4 Find ways for your partner to connect with the baby #5 Affirmations and meditations #6 Read about positive birth stories & more!

Access the full list of natural ways to prepare for labor with details & additional resources below, via the link!