This Is The Best Age Gap Between Kids

Do you want to have another baby but aren’t sure when to start trying for number two? Let’s talk pros and cons of various age gaps between siblings and discover the best age gap between kids for your family.

Let’s be honest, the best age gap between kids might be different for every family, and no matter what your personal journey will look like there are always pros and cons.

Here are some pros and cons of different age gaps between kids

Less than 2 years

Pros: Your kids will be super close from their earliest days and might share the most special moments of their lives such as graduation. Cons: They might compete a lot for various things from toys to the parents’ attention.

2-3 Years Gap

WHO recommends waiting 18-24 months between giving birth and getting pregnant with another child. Pros: Your body had enough time to heal. Cons: Your toddler will probably be going through the “terrible twos” making things a bit more challenging.

4-5 years age gap

Pros: your older child will be more independent, needing a little less attention and supervision. Cons: This might also be a very hard period for the older child, where they feel the opposite, not needed, invisible at times, or even neglected.

6+ years

Pros: Your older child will be pretty independent, self-sufficient, responsible, confident, and probably even quite helpful with the baby. Cons: Your kids might not be too close in their early years. The older child might feel like they’re not getting enough attention.

Look, no matter your story and how life will play out for your family, there will always be blessings and there will always be challenges.

You will find the full list of pros and cons of different age gaps between kids below, via the link!