Have You Gone On  A SOLO PICNIC Yet? Why You Should & How


Ok here’s the deal, picnics are not just reserved for family time, an afternoon with your girlfriends, or a romantic date. You can totally enjoy a solo picnic!

Why should you go on a solo picnic? - for self-care - it's relaxing - to be in nature - to get fresh air - to break your routine - to make eating a celebration - to quiet your mind - - it's a sweet escape - cause it's important to romanticize the little things 

To make the most out of your picnic you should find a quiet spot in nature, preferably with a great view. It could be a garden, a park, the beach, somewhere by a river or a lake.

What can you do on a solo picnic? – eat, obviously! – journal – listen to a podcast – read a book – write down your goals, make a vision board – simply daydream – meditate, pray, breathe, and relax – write a gratitude list & much more!

Get all the info on how to have the best solo picnic below, via the link!