Seasonal Spring Foods  & Their Benefits You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

What are seasonal foods and what does seasonal eating mean? Simply put it means eating what naturally grows during a certain period of the year in a certain area.

Springtime offers a wide range of delicious fresh produce that’s full of colors, rich in flavor, and packed with vitamins and minerals. Seasonal foods will be different for you depending on the geographic area you live in.

Benefits of seasonal eating #1 It’s healthier #2 It tastes better #3 It’s more sustainable #4 Exposure to more variety #5 You can save money #6 Supporting local farmers


Asparagus grows best from February to June, with April being the peak month. Great for digestion, rich in vitamins A and K, folate, and fiber. It can prevent UTIs, help with weight loss as well as help with libido.


Great for blood cells, controlling blood pressure, a healthy heart, your immunity as well as your skin.  Radish is high in vitamins A, C, E, B6, and K as well as in fiber, zinc, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron.

Broad beans

Excellent source of fiber and protein, as well as rich in vitamins B and folate.  Moreover, broad beans are a good source of potassium, zinc, iron, copper,  magnesium, and calcium.  They are great for weight loss as well as cognitive function and energy.

Spring onion

Amazing source of vitamins K, A, C as well as folate. They can lower blood sugar levels, aid digestion, and prevent you from getting a cold.

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