50 Parenting Quotes That Will Change The Way You Parent


the best parenting quotes from must-read positive parenting books.

positive parenting

is supposed to be fair, firm, and friendly.

Laura Markham, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

Parenting isn’t about what our child does, but about how we respond.

Daniel J. Siegel, Parenting from the Inside Out

Children are particularly vulnerable to becoming the targets of the projection of our nonconscious emotions and unresolved issues.

Daniel J. Siegel,  The Whole-Brain Child

As children develop, their brains "mirror" their parent's brain. In other words, the parent's own growth and development, or lack of those, impact the child's brain. 

Janet Lansbury,  No Bad Kids

A toddler acting out is not shameful, nor is it behavior that needs punishing. It’s a cry for attention, a shout-out for sleep, or a call to action for firmer, more consistent limits.

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