How To Glow Up: The Ultimate That Woman Guide

Past puberty, yet still waiting for your glow-up to happen? Feel like you're missing the that girl factor? It's time to take matters into your own hands & become the best version of you and for you, with this step by step guide!

What are the benefits of a glow up? You will: – be happier and more grateful – get to know yourself better and be in touch with your emotions as well as your body – feel more confident – stronger self-esteem – be fitter, stronger, and healthier – feel prettier – be more focused and better organized – have more self-discipline – feel and actually be more attractive – develop healthy habits – be a better communicator, listener and you will know your boundaries – have deeper relationships

For a successful glow up take a holistic approach.

For A Mental Glow Up: Eat a whole foods diet Drink plenty of water Develop healthy sleep hygiene habits Be still/ meditate Pray Go to therapy Journal Educate yourself Practice hobbies Practice gratitude Make a list of things you love about yourself & more

For A Physical Glow Up: Work out Stretch Get enough sleep Try lymphatic drainage massage Prioritize skincare Do facial massages Take care of your eyebrows & more

Check out the detailed step by step glow up guide below, via the link!