What You Wish Your Mom Told You About Taking Care Of The Female Body

All the must-know basics about taking care of the female body, from your cycle, your breasts, your fertility, to your sex life.

Do NOT skip your regular gynecologist appointments & have a pap smear test as often as recommended by your doctor

Track your cycle & give the menstrual cup a chance

Know about the consequences of sex before you decide to even have it. We're talking birth control, STDs & emotional consequences.

After an orgasm we produce oxytocin which is a bonding hormone, the same one mothers get to bond with their babies. It might cloud your judgment and you don’t want to end up getting attached to a person you wouldn’t otherwise necessarily like.

Have an after-sex routine

Make sure to talk to other females about the female body and their experiences. You can learn a lot and you'll feel less alone.

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