Step-by-step  DIY Cardboard Puzzle For Toddlers  + Car Logos Printable

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You’re going to love this simple DIY cardboard puzzle for toddlers. Here's your step-by-step guide and a free car logos printable!

DIY cardboard puzzles for toddlers, like the one I’ll show you in this post, are absolutely genius! You can print out literally anything and turn it into a toddler puzzle.

What you will need: – 2 pieces of cardboard of the exact same size   – 2x the same printed-out pictures – scissors – glue – clear tape – a sharp knife, preferably a utility knife

How to make a DIY cardboard puzzle for toddlers, step by step: 1. Choose a theme for the puzzle 2. Decide what size the puzzle should be 3. Edit and print out your puzzle pieces twice

4.  Decide on your layout and then glue one set of the puzzle pieces to one of the cardboards 5. Cut out the cardboard puzzle pieces by using a sharp knife 6. Make the puzzle pieces more durable by using clear tape

7. Glue your two pieces of cardboard together 8. Cut out the second set of puzzle pieces and glue them into the right spots on your cardboard

For the full step-by-step guide to your DIY cardboard puzzle for toddlers, extra tips and a FREE car logos printable click the link below. Enjoy!