Vegan Cooking Tips You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Whether you're new to the vegan life or have been cooking plant-based for a while now, these tips will make your life easier and tastier!

#1 How To Make The Perfect Crispy Tofu the secrets to perfect, crispy tofu are 1) cornstarch 2) oil + spices containing garlic and onion 3) baking it in the oven

#2 Learn To Make White Sauce (vegan Bechamel). It's the perfect base for all sorts of sauces.

#3 Use Nutritional Yeast Nutritional yeast has a cheesy taste to it so it's great to add some extra flavor to your meals plus it's super nutritious.

#4 When you make pasta, make sure to keep some of the pasta-cooking-water to add to your sauce. It will help you achieve the perfect consistency and keep the flavors.

#5 Use Rice Vinegar Try adding rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar plus a pinch of sugar to your dressing, marinade, or sauce. It can really make all the difference.

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