10  Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Being a parent can be many things but it certainly isn't easy.  All the challenges and learning lessons that come along with them are very valuable, however, you don't need to struggle with every little thing. Here are 10 parenting hacks that will make your life easier.

#1 CUPCAKE HOLDER Use cupcake holders to avoid the mess created while eating popsicles. In that way drips land in the cupcake holder instead of all over your kiddo's clothes.

#2 ROTATE TOYS Pick a number of various toys that you want to leave in your child's room and put the rest away. Then after a week or two, depending on your child's age and the amount of toys, put those toys away and bring out a set of new ones.

#3 STICKERS IN TODDLER'S SHOES Put stickers in your child's shoes so they know which one to put on which foot. Simply get a sticker, cut it in half, and place one-half in each shoe. In that way, your toddler has a little fun puzzle to solve and will also know which shoe is the left and which is the right one.

#4 GRANT A CHILD HIS WISHES IN FANTASY This is not a typical hack, yet it can be a lifesaver and it's great for building trust and healthy communication. When a child is asking you for something whether it's totally unreasonable or you simply can't and won't give it to them in that moment, you can still grant them their wish in fantasy.

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