Animal Homes Activity For Toddlers

Kids love animals and will have a lot of fun with this free printable animal homes activity! Teach them all about animals and their home.

The printable PDF consists of 6 pages.  Animal homes present in this activity: beehive, anthill, cave, nest, underwater, spider web, den, burrow, tree hollow, pond.  And there are the following animals: bee, ants, bear, bird, duck, bunny, crab, shark, fish, spider, bat, squirrel.

What you will need for this animal homes activity: – printer – laminator – scissors – velcro dots or tape

Activity preparation: 1. Print out the free PDF. 2. Laminate all pages. This will make them way more durable and toddler-friendly.

3. Cut out all the animals from page 6. 4. Match the animals with their homes and place them more or less where you want them to be.

5. Stick one part of the velcro dot or tape to the desired spot on the animal home and the other part to the given animal.

Fun facts you can teach your child about animals and their homes during this activity: Bees use wax that they make inside of their body to construct their homes called hives. There they like to live together in big groups, called a colony. and more!

See all details, get your free printable as well as fun facts about animals and their homes below, via the link!