50 Birth Affirmations 

That Will Keep You Calm & Confident

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Childbirth can be very challenging. For a smooth experience, make sure to use birth affirmations that will help you stay calm and confident.

1. I was designed to do this. 2. My body knows exactly what to do. 3. I trust my body.

4. Every contraction brings me closer to meeting my sweet baby. 5. My baby feels safe and knows how to work together with my body. 6. I am strong and I am capable.

7. My baby and I are a wonderful team. 8. I can do this! 9. My feelings, fears, and hopes are valid.

10. Birth is a privilege and a miracle. 11. My baby is getting into the perfect position for birth. 12. One contraction at a time.

13. This too shall pass. 14. All the strength I will need is already inside of me. 15. I can be messy and I can be myself.

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