30 Cute Pregnancy Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

What is the best time to take maternity photos? In general, the best time for a maternity photoshoot is the 7th and 8th month of your pregnancy.

Why should you take pregnancy photos? You'll regret not having done it. You deserve it. You're beautiful. It's a great memory to share with your child in the future. They'll be great as wall art for your bedroom or the nursery. It will help you be present and grateful.

What to wear for maternity photos? Whatever you feel beautiful, and confident in! Long, flowy dresses are great for pregnancy photos. Another great look are loose fit jeans, with a bralette or sports bra plus an unbuttoned oversized shirt.

Popular pregnancy photo ideas and accessories – black and white studio shoot – golden hour shots in nature wearing a long dress – milk bath with flower petals – holding your belly – holding the sonogram – holding the positive pregnancy test – partners' hands on baby bump – with your beloved pet – with the whole family – in the new nursery room – with baby clothes, shoes, or toys

Here Are 30 Cute Pregnancy Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

#1 Photo By Janko Ferlic

#2 Photo By Nicolle Kreisch

#3 Photo  By Marlon Schmeiski

#4 Photo By Amily Alvarenga

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