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Weather Flashcards For Kids

Talk to your child about the weather and teach them new vocabulary with cute, simple weather flashcards for toddlers. Get your free download now!

weather flashcards for toddlers

We all know you can buy flashcards online, yet I want to share these for free! Simply keep on reading for your link and download your free weather flashcards for toddlers and preschoolers today.

Every child is different so I’m not gonna say when that should exactly happen but you’ll notice your child’s growing interest in learning new words for sure.

My son has been saying several words for a few months now, but now at 19 months he suddenly tries to repeat every word I ask him to and tries to talk in sentences (for now in his own language) all day long.

I’ve made flashcards for him before and yes, we would use them during playtime and he was interested in them but now? Wow! Suddenly, he loves them! He picks them up himself and wants me to tell him all the words.

I love combining different tools to teach and entertain my kid. Especially when it comes to building vocabulary.
You can use books, songs, videos, stuffed animals, stickers, magnets, figurines, real-life objects, magnets, flashcards, and much more to introduce a certain topic and group of words. Kids learn through repetition and through play.

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The weather is definitely a topic that’s present in a child’s life since day one. I’m sure you’re talking to your toddler about the weather while picking out clothes for the day or deciding on activities for the weekend. Hence it will come very natural to intergrate weather flashcards into your daily play as they simply make sense and the words you’ll find on them are already somewhat familiar to your child.

Get your free weather flashcards for toddlers below.

This printable set of weather flashcards for toddlers consists of 16 cards, both adjectives such as rainy and snowy as well as nouns such as rainbow and snowflakes.
The printable is a PDF in A4 format with 4 flashcards on each page. The pictures are simple yet bright and adorable and the font is large enough to be easy to read.

I highly recommend making them more durable by gluing them onto cardboard or laminating them.

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