Insanely Good And Aesthetic Vision Board Ideas

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This post is all about vision board ideas.

Insanely Good And Aesthetic Vision Board Ideas

Are you not living your dream life yet? Take the first step today to change that, get clear on your dreams by making a vision board and see your life transform. Check out the best vision board ideas below.

vision board ideas

A lot of us either feel stuck or simply like there should be more to life than what we’re currently experiencing. We do not feel like we’re living our best lives.

Yet, it’s hard to live your dream life if you never took the time to actually think about what that would truly look like, for YOU.

See, we’re constantly seeing the highlights of other people’s lives online. We see their success stories, where they traveled to, what new stuff they bought, and sometimes even what they ate in the day and how much money they made. This can leave you feeling like everyone else has everything figured out and so much going for them.

Whether you want to or not, you will most likely compare yourself to those images and feel like your life is just not that great and that you desire so much more for yourself.

We’re not going to talk about comparison right now or how what you see online isn’t real life and how it can negatively impact your perception of life and yourself. However, I’m mentioning it to emphasize that it is important to get clear on your own goals and create a vision of your dream life. Rather than just seeing what others have and we don’t. Just because it looks like a fun life doesn’t mean it’s meant to be our life. It’s crucial to sit down and take the time to visualize what it is that YOU’RE dreaming of. What are you truly lacking, desiring, or dreaming of?

Making a vision board can be such a fun way to go about it. It gives you the freedom to follow your gut, listen to your heart, let your imagination run wild, and truly dream big. No comparisons, no limitations.

Whether you’ve created a vision board before and are looking for some new inspo or it’s your first time, this post got you covered. Below you’ll find powerful vision board ideas that will make the process even more enjoyable.

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Vision Board Ideas: Types Of Vision Boards

There are different kinds of vision boards you could create, it’s all up to you. The let’s call it traditional vision board would be magazine cut-outs arranged on a piece of paper or cardboard. However, there is no one, right way of creating a vision board. Here are some general vision board ideas:

  • digital vision board
    if you don’t feel like cutting stuff out and using glue, you don’t want a tangible vision board, or simply want 24/7 access to your vision board, creating a digital version might be just the right thing for you to start your vision board journey
  • vision board created in a journal/scrapbook
    if journaling is your thing anyway or you don’t want your vision board to take up too much space or be seen by anyone else you could create it in a journal or scrapbook; you can either use pretty small visuals to make sure they fit or you can use every two pages of your journal for another vision board category (we’ll talk more about vision board categories in a sec)
  • cardboard vision board
    the “traditional” vision board, using print-outs, magazine cut-outs, scissors, and glue can be a lot of fun and a great activity in itself
  • whiteboard vision board
    some people say it’s good to create a vision board and hide it away, forget about it; others prefer to look at it daily, visualize and adjust stuff as they please; if that sounds good to you, using a whiteboard is a great option to create a vision board while having the freedom of adjusting and adding things as you go. It also allows you to write more than you normally would on a vision board
  • framed print-out vision board
    if you’re a visual person and are excited about the actual process of finding images that resonate with you and represent your deepest dreams to add to your vision board, you might then want to be able to display it and make it more durable as well; you can create your vision board online but instead of having a digital version, print it out (not each image individually but your entire vision board) and frame it
  • corkboard vision board
    do you want an old-school vision board yet without using glue? then creating a cardboard vision board will be a good choice for you

Vision Board Ideas: what can you add to your vision board

Now that you’ve decided what kind of vision board you’d like to create, it’s time to decide what you want to put on it. There are various options, however, since this is a visual representation of your dreams, make sure to stick to images etc. rather than long written content. You can add:

  • private photos
  • images found on Pinterest
  • collages created for instance in Canva
  • quotes
  • Bible verses
  • lyrics
  • single words that resonate with you or represent your dreams, a leading theme
  • magazine cut-outs
  • sticky notes
  • stickers

Vision Board Ideas: categories

As mentioned before it’s a good idea to divide your vision board into several categories. This makes the whole process easier and your end result more organized and visually pleasing.

Some vision board categories could be relationships, family, friends, social life, finances, travel, adventure, hobbies, fitness, health, wellness, skills, spirituality, faith, love life, body, mind, soul, education, career, house, material goods, fashion, and beauty.

Let’s look at some examples of vision board ideas for one of the categories.


Think about what your ideal friendship(s) would look like. Are you dreaming of a best friend to share your life with and talk to for hours or maybe a group of friends to always have someone to go out with? What character traits do you value in friends? What value would your ideal friendship add to your life?

Those are just some of the many questions you can ask yourself while looking for the perfect images to represent this category on your vision board.

vision board ideas

You might want to add quotes such as “Be around poeple that are good for your soul” or “Good people bring out the good in people”. You can also add single words such as “loyalty”, “compassion”, “understanding”, “laughter”.

Below you’ll find examples of visuals from Pinterest to add to your vision board under this category.

* Make sure you click on the pictures that you like, to see them in better quality (not sure why, but there’s a temporary issue with embedding pins in a post and unfortunately they tend to look a bit blurry, I hope this will be fixed asap).

Aesthetic Vision Board Examples

aesthetic vision board ideas
life is for living
vision board ideas
vision board ideas aesthetic

So there you have it, now it’s your turn to create a vision board and start taking action towards creating a life you truly love living. You got this!