23 Vegan Snacks For Breastfeeding Moms

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This post is all about vegan snacks for breastfeeding moms. 


Mama, to stay healthy, energized, and happy, you gotta eat! Are you breastfeeding? Are you vegan? Are you short on time during the day? We got you. Here are 24 vegan snacks for breastfeeding moms that take very little to no time to make.   

23 Vegan Snacks For Breastfeeding Moms

If you’re a mom you’re probably hungry with little time to prepare food for yourself during the day. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you’re super hungry with close to no time to prepare food for yourself. Maybe not for two, but mama, you gotta eat! It’s recommended for breastfeeding moms to have a surplus of around 500 calories per day. To stay energized during the day and meet your nutritional needs it’s good to have some healthy snacks at hand. 

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No preparation needed for the following vegan snacks:

1. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit, such as figs, dates, or apricots are a great snack choice as they’re super nutritious. Rich in fiber, vitamins, calcium, and other minerals. Dried fruit is calorie-dense and filling.

2. Nuts

You can snack on raw or roasted nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, or pistachios. Nuts contain healthy fats, are rich in protein and antioxidants.

3. Trail Mix With Dried Fruit And Seeds

You can also have 2 in 1 or even 3 in 1 by adding seeds to the mix. Flaxseeds and sunflower seeds are a great option. 

4. Granola Bars

Chewy and full of flavor, granola bars are a go-to snack for many moms. Allergic to gluten or bored with having nuts for a snack? A tasty, gluten- and nut-free, vegan option are the MadeGood granola bars. They come in seven different flavors, so you won’t get bored with them too quickly.

5. Vegan Protein Bars

Protein bars are great to keep you energized and meet your daily protein needs. Since I’m breastfeeding I’ve discovered and totally fallen in love with the vegan protein bars by Trek. They come in many flavors, I haven’t tried them all yet. For now, I highly recommend their Cocoa Oat bar. Trek bars and the first protein bars that don’t taste like protein powder to me, while providing up to 15g of protein per bar! 

6. Larabar

Love them or hate them. I had to include the well-known fruit and nut bars by Larabar.

7. Fresh Fruit

A no-brainer. You can never go wrong with snacking on some fresh fruits. Recommended for breastfeeding moms are especially blueberries, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and of course avocados.

8. Raw Vegetables With Hummus 

Fresh vegetables with hummus are a super healthy snack choice for breastfeeding moms. Hummus is a complete protein, rich in iron and folate. You can obviously choose your vegetables. Some that go great with hummus are carrots, celery, bell pepper, and one of my favorites, snap peas. 

9. Crackers With Hummus, Or Nut Butter

The perfect crunchy yet smooth snack that can be salty or sweet or well, both. There are so many crackers to choose from. Next to whole-grain crackers, there’re inter alia almond flour crackers, seed crackers, and black rice crackers. 

10. Apple Slices With Nut Butter

This classic tasty and nutritious snack is also a great choice for breastfeeding moms that will refuel you while satisfying your taste buds. 

11. Vegan Yogurt

A quick snack that you can adjust to your liking is yogurt. Enjoy it plain or with granola. Top it with berries and seeds. There are so many vegan yogurts to choose from.  

12. Edamame 

Edamame is rich in protein, vitamins, especially vitamin K and folate, as well as minerals. Adjust the flavor to your liking by adding spices, salt, lime, or your favorite sauce.  

13. Olives

A super quick, super simple, yet incredibly tasty snack is olives. Olives contain healthy fats, are rich in antioxidants, and are a good source of fiber. 

14. Dark Chocolate With Raspberries Or Strawberries

For a little treat snack, dark chocolate is a great choice. It’s a good source of minerals and antioxidants, plus it can boost your mood. Dark chocolate goes well with raspberries as well as strawberries.  

15. Roasted Chickpeas

You can either buy them or prepare them yourself. Roasted chickpeas are a tasty vegan snack for breastfeeding moms that contains healthy carbs, protein, and fiber. 

Minimal preparation needed for the following vegan snacks:

16. Chia Pudding

Super easy to make, simply add 2 tablespoons of chia seeds to a half cup of plant-based milk. Mix well, then put in the fridge for a few hours or leave it overnight. You can add agave syrup and top it with berries. I love to blend mango and add that as a sauce on top. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and a great source of calcium and iron. 

17. Whole Wheat Bread With Avocado

This snack contains so many essential nutrients for breastfeeding moms. Avocados contain healthy fats and are rich in folate as well as vitamin E. And who doesn’t like avocado?! Well, this does make me think of Lorelai from Gilmore Girls and the scene at the dinner table…

Emily: What are you doing?
Lorelai: I’m taking out the avocado.
Emily: Since when don’t you like avocado?
Lorelai: Since I said “Gross, what is this?” and you said “Avocado”. 

18. Oven-Baked Veggie Chips

Who doesn’t crave chips sometimes? A healthier alternative to regular store-bought chips are oven-baked veggie chips. Let me tell you, they’re surprisingly delicious. The best veggies for that are beetroots, sweet potatoes, turnips, zucchini, and kale.  

19. Air-Popped Popcorn

Air-popped popcorn is a great choice for breastfeeding moms as it is high in fiber and can keep you feeling full for longer. That is great, especially on days when you feel hungry all the time. 

20. Over-Night Oats

One of the healthiest grains you can eat. Oats are said to help increase milk supply, they are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Super easy to make and there are endless options when it comes to flavor. For inspiration check out LiveKindly’s “11 Vegan Overnight Oats Recipes” post. 

21. Smoothies

Smoothies can be a great healthy, go-to snack. Easy to prepare and again, so many options depending on your nutritional needs and cravings. You can use water, plant-based milk, yogurt, or juice for the liquid part. Add your favorite fruit and don’t forget healthy greens like spinach or kale. You can also add protein powder, chia seeds, flaxseeds, or even oatmeal for extra calories and nutrients. 

22. Toast With Nut Butter And Banana

Such an easy way to add healthy fats, protein, and vitamins to your diet. This snack can keep you full for longer, just make sure to choose a whole-wheat toast to get all the benefits you can.  

23. Energy Balls 

As their name suggests, energy balls will keep you energized. They’re easy to prepare, no need for baking. You can create so many different flavors, prepare them in advance, and enjoy them as a quick snack. Some of the most common ingredients are oats, dates, nut butter, shredded coconut, nuts, cocoa powder, protein powder, seeds as well as agave or maple syrup. Simply mix your favorite ingredients, form little balls, refrigerate and enjoy.

Mama, don’t let yourself get too hungry…again! 

This post was all about vegan snacks for breastfeeding moms.