21 Vegan Gifts For Her That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

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This post is all about vegan gifts for her.

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21 Vegan Gifts For Her That Are Perfect

For Any Occasion

Looking for the perfect gift for a vegan girlfriend, sister, friend, wife, cousin, or boss? You’re in the right place. Here are 21 vegan gifts for her that are perfect for any occasion.

vegan gifts for her

Whether it’s for an anniversary, a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day, or any other occasion, gifting something to a vegan person that reflects and respects their values and lifestyle will make your gift a thoughtful one right of the bet.
Being vegan goes beyond eating plant-based foods, which non-vegans don’t often think about, especially when it comes to gift giving. But how on Earth can you find the perfect vegan gift for her? No worries, we’ve got you. Simply keep on reading and find the perfect present she will obsess over.

21 Vegan Gifts For Her That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

tote bag vegan

1. Tote Bag

A woman can never have too many handbags, right?! Okay, maybe that’s not true. However, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous, classic vegan tote bag by Samara. A tote bag is every girl’s best friend. It’s as perfect for moms as it is for students. It’s timeless, spacious, and made of premium micro-fiber vegan leather.

vegan gifts for her belt

2. Belt

Another timeless piece, a high-quality belt. Whether you’re looking for a present for a fashion lover or not, every vegan woman will fall in love with this vegan leather belt by Matt & Nat in a beautiful, classic camel color.

vegan gifts for her blanket

3. Blanket

It’s not just any blanket. It’s a gorgeous oversized, ultra-lightweight, 100% cotton blanket with a fringe. The label is made of vegan leather, obviously. This blanket is perfect for a romantic picnic, a trip to the beach with friends, or to get cozy and warm during movie night.

vegan candle gift

4. Candle

Have you ever met a woman who doesn’t like a beautiful scent…or candles? I know I haven’t. This high-quality, all-natural vegan wellness candle is made from a coconut and soy wax blend and is infused with essential oils and fragrance oils. The main notes are amber, oakmoss, musk.


5. Organizer

This might just be one of the best presents ever. For anyone, for any occasion. The beautiful organizer made from soft yet sturdy vegan leather is great for students, boss women, and moms alike. No more items scattered all over the bag. This organizer comes with an A4 notebook sleeve, a phone pocket, a sleeve for a 13 laptop, a card holder, extra pocket slots, and a magnetic closure. And it’s damn gorgeous!

met polish set vegan gifts for her

6. Exclusive Nail Polish Set

Most women love trying out new shades of nail polish, especially when it’s gifted (aka for free). But this isn’t just a great gift for a beauty lover. Every woman would feel lucky to own these. It’s an exclusive nail polish set created in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in celebration of the exhibition “Surrealism Beyond Borders”. All shades are quick-drying, high-pigment, and of course, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

vegan gifts for her tea set

7. Unique Teapot Set

Every woman needs a moment to unwind and relax. This beautiful teapot set comes with 9 individually packed flowers that make for  27 cups of tea, a glass server, and a bamboo tong. This gift will help someone special to you reach a deep sense of holistic well-being thanks to the power of flowers. It’s one of those things that one might not necessarily think of buying for themselves, however, would absolutely love to have. It’s the perfect gift. Appropriate for girlfriend, sister, boss, and mother-in-law alike.


8. Roll On Fragrance Oils

Although perfumes are often a go-to gift, they’re not the best idea, unless you know specifically what the person likes. A way better alternative is a set of roll-on fragrance oils. Each scent is natural, subtle, yet long-lasting, and the best part is that it’s unique to the person wearing it.

vegan gift ideas for women sr martens

9. Black Dr. Martens Boots

Dr. Martens boots are iconic and beloved by women of all ages. They can be worn throughout the year, with pants and dresses alike. They don’t just complete an outfit, they make it. And the best part is, they also come in a vegan version, retaining all the signature Dr. Martens’ details including a grooved midsole, yellow welt stitching, and an AirWair heel pull loop! An absolute must in any woman’s closet.

vegan gifts for her st tropez tan

10. St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Face Mist

Natural glowing, golden skin was never so safe and easy to achieve, streak-free guaranteed! Simply spritz and glow. This face mist is one of those products where you’re positively surprised by how well it actually works, it’s a game-changer. A great gift for any beauty and/or sunshine lover who’s protecting their face with sunscreen yet loves a sunkissed look.

vegan gift ideas for her mini bag

11. Card Holder

This cute, durable card holder will fit all the essentials and at the same time fit in any bag. A convenient, minimalist wallet.


12. Slippers

Cozy yet fashionable. These adorable slippers are a perfect vegan gift for anyone who’s on their feet all day and deserve some extra comfort. Definitely for all mamas as well as moms-to-be!

vegan gifts jewellery box

13. Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is a timeless gift and will always be used, with love. This mini jewelry box will keep the favorite pieces well organized and is even perfect to travel with.

vegan gift ideas for women brush set

14. Eye Make Up Brushes

A practical gift that will be highly appriciated and used often – eye make up brushes. Obviously vegan and cruelty-free, which will make the make up application so much more enjoyable. Perfect for creating stuning looks, without compromising one’s values.

vegan gifts backpack

15. Backpack

Every girl loves it when comfort meets style. This vegan backpack with its beautiful minimalist silhouette will be her new favorite.

vegan wallet gift

16. Wallet

Wallets are a beloved gift. You cannot go wrong with this high-quality, small, and dainty Samara wallet. It’s extremely functional, classy, and definitely the crowd favorite.

vegan computer sleeve

17. Computer Sleeve

Shopping for a trendy girl? The imitated croc computer sleeve 13″ would definitely be a great choice. She will absolutely appreciate a gift that features the trendy yet minimal croco look while keeping her compassionate vegan heart in mind. Practical and fashionable.


18. Beach Towel

This extra thick, yet super soft and absorbent beach towel will make her next trip to the sea a priority. Made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton and printed with a reactive dye that prevents fading over time will make this a gift that she will be able to cherish for years.

vegan gift tshirt

19. Vegan Tee

Shopping for a vegan who loves a good statement piece? This one’s a great conversation starter. The ‘Vegan Meat Market Tee‘ is a humorous play on social pressures placed on the food politics. The image & typography curation was meant to bring light to healthier eating and poke holes in the stresses surrounding healthier food choices.

vegan gifts for her body oil

20. Body Oil

Treat the woman you’re shopping for to a moment of relaxation and nourishment for her skin. I usually don’t recommend gifting skincare or beauty products unless you know the person’s preferences and skin type. However, ESPA’s wonderful body oil is all natural and best of all, unscented. Every woman will LOVE it, guaranteed!

vegan gifts for girls Diffuser

21. Diffuser

There’s no doubt every woman appreciates a good diffuser and this is many peoples’ beloved one. She will think of you and thank you every time she steps into her house and is greeted by the amazing subtle smell.


This post was all about vegan gifts for her.