Easy Vegan Fall Comfort Food You Need To Try This Season

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This post is all about my favorite vegan fall comfort food recipes you gotta try this season!

Delicious yet simple & easy
you need to try this season

With fall just around the corner and the weather getting cooler so many of us look forward to that yummy comfort food. In this post, I want to share with you some of my favorite VEGAN comfort food recipes, that I highly recommend you try out this fall season.
These are meal
ideas that you can easily adjust to your liking. 

Easy Vegan Fall Comfort Food You Need To Try This Season

Before I share some of my favorite vegan fall comfort meal ideas I want to say that I do not (as good as ever) follow recipes step by step and I, 9/10 times, eyeball the ingredients, I adjust the spices to my liking and I substitute whatever I don’t have that’s in the original recipe with an ingredient I do currently have in my kitchen.

I’m saying this one, to encourage you to cook no matter what and have fun with it, and two, in this post I’m gonna share meal IDEAS and share links to culinary blogs with specific recipes as examples. This does not mean that I’d personally follow their steps one by one, as I’ve said, I improvise in the kitchen. Nonetheless, I’m sure if you’ll follow their recipe it will turn out great.

So, let’s make ourselves crave some vegan comfort food, shall we?


1. Vegan pierogi with tofu

The vegan version of this traditional meal is one of my absolute favorites! If you haven’t tried it yet, you MUST!

It took me a while to cook it myself as for some reason I thought it’s too hard to make and fold the dough correctly but that’s nonsense. Every time I cook vegan pierogi they turn out great, and never fell apart while cooking. The only thing is, it can be a little time-consuming to cut out and fold the dough.

You can be creative as far as the filling goes. Popular ones are with mushrooms, lentils, or with fruit such as strawberries. However, I really suggest you try out the ones with a tofu-potato filling. Very comforting!


vegan comfort food recipesPhoto by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


My favorite recipe is from a Polish blog (you can easily follow it after auto-translating, I’ve checked) so I want to give the cook credit and share it: Vegan Pierogi Recipe in Polish 

A very similar recipe: English version 

MY TIPS: taste the filling and adjust to your liking, go easy with the lemon juice at first, you can always add more; cook the pierogi first, then sauté onion and add the pierogi for a few minutes as well to make them a little crispy. Serve with the sautéed onion and some freshly chopped parsley. Yum!

2. Vegan tomato chickpea curry

Super easy to prepare, yet so delicious. I like to make a whole pot of it and have it for lunch during the week. Tastes great the next day!

curry comfort food veganPhoto by Alesia Kozik from Pexels

Check my favorite recipe HERE. (I just noticed that this recipe says to use 4 cans of chickpeas, this seems like A LOT to me,  so like I’ve said in the beginning just add the amount you like, always start with smaller amounts, and keep adding more)

As mentioned in the recipe, with curries you can be very creative and use a variety of vegetables you have and like. I love to add cauliflower and spinach.

3. Vegan lentil soup with sweet potatoes

Another meal I love in the fall time and yes one that you can be creative with as well. You can choose different colors of lentils and add any vegetables you’d love to have in your soup.

Recipe example: HERE

vegan recipes lentilsPhoto by cottonbro from Pexels


there are tons of recipes for lentil soups out there, but they all suggest cooking the sweet potato in the pot with all the other ingredients. I tried that once and of course, it was good, BUT I strongly advise you to make it differently.

Follow the recipe WITHOUT adding the sweet potato. Instead, bake the sweet potato in the oven, then cut it up into cubes, add to your bowl and then pour the soup over it. Next level!

4. Vegan Lasagna 

Who doesn’t love lasagna…all year long, right? But especially, when the days are getting colder and you just want to feel warm, full, and satisfied. 

You can definitely go for a veggie-only lasagna, however, I do prefer to add a vegan meat alternative as well.

I recommend using soy granules or a meat-free “ground beef” of your choice, like the one from Gardein. Here in Belgium, I love the one from The Vegetarian Butcher brand, not sure which countries you can get it in. By the way, their no-chicken chunks are next-level delicious!

vegan lasagna comfort foodPhoto by alleksana from Pexels

I will not share a recipe as the ones I see online seem to be honest a little too complex. Can you make them? Absolutely. They don’t seem hard to make and they do look super tasty.

However, when I see cashews, vegan ricotta, and so on and so forth on the ingredients list, I know that most of the time I will not have those at hand.

What I suggest is to make a marinara-style sauce, add meatless ground beef, and maybe whatever veggies you like and happen to have in your kitchen like champignons. Just make sure it’s liquidy enough as your noodles need to get soft somehow.

You can sprinkle some vegan cheese on top, but again to keep it simple either just leave it like it is with a layer of marinara sauce on top or make a simple bechamel sauce.

5. Vegan Pho & Vegan Ramen 

Obviously, soups are THE ultimate comfort food for the fall and wintertime. Two of my favorite ones, besides the lentil soup, are definitely pho and ramen! 

comfort food vegan ramenPhoto by Cats Coming from Pexels

Vegan Pho Recipe: HERE
Vegan Ramen Recipe: HERE

6. And a little bonus, a super easy dessert – Apple Pie

The easiest apple pie there is. One that turns out well every single time! 

No milk or any other liquid needed. Just a few ingredients: apples, flour, sugar, and semolina plus baking powder, lemon juice, butter, and optional cinnamon as well as almond flakes. 

If you haven’t tried this one yet, you definitely NEED to! I promise you’ll love it, plus it’s my secret go-to pie recipe to make whether I have guests coming on short notice or I’m invited somewhere and want to bring food with me. Everyone loves this pie, even people who don’t care for desserts. 

Recipe: HERE

apple pie slice

Bon Appétit!