Cute And Comfy Toddler Girl Summer Outfits

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This post is all about toddler girl summer outfits.

Cute And Comfy Toddler Girl Summer Outfits

Build the perfect summer wardrobe for your little-big girl. Check out the cutest and comfiest toddler girl summer outfits for any occasion.

toddler girls summer outfits

This post contains affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. 

Ok, I’m a boy mom and I did already put together toddler boy summer outfits in the size 2T-3T. However, I couldn’t help myself but to check out the girls collections as well and man they’re adorable! I do hope to be blessed with a baby girl one day. But for now I already do have lots of experience putting together cute yet practical and comfortable girls outfits as I was an Au Pair for toddler girls for 3 years!

Summer calls for pastels and sunhats. In this post you’ll find toddler girl summer outfits ideas for many different occassions. Some that are perfect for the playground, other more dressy ones. Of course there will also be swimwear and everyday outfits that are perfect for whatever summer adventure your toddler will embark on.

Most items shown in this post are available in a wide range of sizes. However, I’ve been putting them together specifically for 2-3 year old toddler girls. Therefore, I’m only sure of those sizes being available for all the items shown. So if your kiddo is older or younger you have to double-check on the website if they items also come in the size you need.

I did not include shoes on purpose as I deeply believe that shoes (especially for young kiddos) should to be chosen specifically for the child. They should fit very well, keep the foot/ankle stable and be super comfortable. Also, your child probably already has a favorite pair and I’d just let them wear that one.

Toddler Girl Summer Outfits

toddler girl summer outfits
  1. Pure Cotton Pointelle Bodysuits
  2. Pure Cotton Chambray Frill Shorts
  3. Tie Dye Dress
  4. Blue Pointelle Bodysuits
  5. Animal Print Leggings

After taking care of toddler girls for years I know that everyone likes something different. Some girls love to wear dresses all the time, so opt for a loose cotton dress that they can easily run around in. I know we’re talking about summer outfits, but obviously depending on where you live it won’t be hot from 6AM to 7PM. And you might find yourself on the way to a playground at 8 AM. For that, a pair of leggings is always a great choice. Besides, they might be just the most perfect thing to wear to the playground. Light and soft yet they protect the legs so your kiddo can comfortably go down the slide and climb the playground stracture.

The bodysuits shown above come in a set of 5, which makes for such a great basic in a toddler’s summer capluse wardrobe!

toddler girl summer outfits
  1. Floral Embroidered Dress (it comes in pink, blue, and green)
  2. Floral Frill Dress
  3. Rainbow Striped Dress

You daughter might want to dress fancy everyday or she might not be a fan of dresses at all. Either way, if you have a special occassion and won’t her to look even cuter than she already does, she will definitely love one of the dresses shown above.

toddler girl summer outfits
  1. Pastel Floral Top & Bottom Outfit
  2. Yellow Plain Sun Hat
  3. White Sun Hat

The simplest way to have your toddler pick their own clothes and make them look put together instantly is by adding matching sets to their summer wardrobe. How cute is that floral outfits?!

  1. Yellow Plain Sun Hat
  2. Floral Long Sleeve Swimsuit
  3. Gingham Sun Hat
  4. Lilac Crinkle Swimsuit
  5. White Sun Hat
  6. Polka Dot Swimsuit
  7. Bright Coral Sun Hat
  8. Striped Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Cute and safe. The sun hats and swimsuits are made from Sun Smart UPF50+ fabric to help protect against harmful UV rays. Choose a long-sleeved swimsuit for extra protection.

  1. Bright Coral Sun Hat
  2. Tie Dye Strappy Top
  3. Blue Cotton Trousers
  4. Pink Pointelle Bodysuits
  5. Animal Print Leggings
  6. Tie Dye Baseball Cap
  7. White Pointelle Bodysuits
  8. Biscuit Cotton Trousers
  9. Yellow Plain Sun Hat
  10. Tie Dye Dress
  11. Gingham Sun Hat
  12. Blue Pointelle Bodysuits
  13. Chambray Frill Shorts
  14. Floral Top & Bottom Outfit
  15. Green Cardigan (also available in white, and in pink)
  16. Lilac Zip Hoodie (also available in aqua, and in blue)

Choose your favorite outfit depending on your girl’s preferances, the weather and your summer activity plans. Make sure to add a sun hat and grab a hoodie or a cardigan. Now you’re toddler is fully ready to have the best summer day. Wait…don’t forget to apply sunscreen!