18 Confidence-Boosting TODDLER CHORES Your 2-3-yo Can Do

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This post is all about toddler chores and the benefits of giving your child more (age-appropriate) responsibility.

Toddler Chores Your Kids Can Do
That Will Boost Their Confidence

Our kids are smarter and more capable than we oftentimes give them credit for. Moreover, what might seem like a meaningless or even a dreaded task to us, can be a great activity for your little one. There are many benefits to introducing your kiddo to daily tasks and letting them take some, age-appropriate, responsibility. Simply keep on reading for 18 great toddler chores ideas.

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The benefits of letting your toddler have chores/ participate in household chores with you

  • it will boost their confidence
  • they will become more self-sufficient
  • they will learn delayed gratification
  • they will feel even more like a part of your family and they will feel proud that they can contribute, they will also have an easier time at school or in playgroups as they will not expect everything being done for them
  • your family’s daily routine will slowly get smoother
  • they will build important life skills
  • it will build a sense of responsibility
  • they will learn some basic organization skills that will be helpful to them later on in their childhood
  • it will create a stronger bond between you and your child simply because instead of putting them in front of a TV or telling them “I need to do this first”, “Wait”, “Maybe after I’m finished with….” they will be by your side, learning from you, spending quality time with you, and simply living life with you, not waiting for a moment of attention and in that way you will also be more present throughout your day with them
  • teaching them how to do certain things or letting them help you with some household chores is a great activity in itself, offering many teaching moments, so you don’t have to rush through your chores and then try to come up with quality activities for your child afterwards
  • when your kids learn to do basic chores, everyone around them will appreciate that and that of course, will make them feel good and proud of themselves
  • and besides, it’s stinking cute to see a 2-year-old try to load the washing machine with you or (after many tries) be able to put their own pants on
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Toddler Chores for 2-3 year olds

  • wipe up spills
  • help clean up their room: pick up toys, put away books
  • bring trash to the garbage bin
  • fold rugs, towels, undies
  • put laundry in the washing machine with you
  • put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  • help set and clear the table (I was surprised my 2-year-old started doing it by himself, he always brings his empty dishes to the kitchen, so it’s worth giving it a try, especially if they show interest in helping)
  • wipe down their desk/table after making art or eating
  • get dressed
  • help put away groceries
  • help prepare meals and make their own easy snacks and breakfast
  • brush teeth (make sure you do it first or let them try first and then do it properly)
  • wash their body
  • pack their activity bag for outings
  • help make their bed
  • help water plants
  • dust
  • harvest fruit & veggies
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