20 Things I Don’t Buy (Minimalism, Money Saving)

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This post is all about the 20 things I don’t buy or spend money on.

20 Things I Don’t Buy Or Spend Money On

Products and services are being promoted left and right. Let’s, for a change, talk about things we don’t need. Here are 20 things I don’t buy or spend money on at this point in my life.

things I don't buy

We all live different lives, and we have different needs as well as priorities, which usually also change with time. So my list of things that I’m currently not paying for will probably be different from yours.

Most of the time, we see people talk about products and services that they ARE buying and ARE enjoying, which can also be inspiring, and let’s be honest it’s fun to try out new things.

However, by sharing with you the stuff that I am not paying for, I want to (for a change) encourage you to take a look at what you’re spending money on and double-check whether it adds value to your or your family’s life or if it’s just stealing your time and your money. So here we go, 20 things I don’t buy or spend money on.

20 Things I Don’t Buy (Minimalism, Money Saving)

1. Meal kit delivery services

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely do see why people like to use those services.
Especially, if someone really doesn’t have the time to or never liked cooking.
Maybe they were skipping meals or eating rather unhealthy and by using for instance weekly meal kits they started to enjoy cooking a bit more and also started to eat healthier.

But for me, at least right now, I don’t use meal kit delivery services. I do love to cook, I love to pick out what looks the freshest at the store and most of all, I love to have my creative freedom while cooking. I also want to be able to eat exactly what I feel like eating that day and decide how much of it I want to cook. 

2. Nails

Fun fact, or it might be a crazy fact for some of you. I have never gotten my nails done before, ever. It just never seemed like something exciting or necessary for me to do. I do prefer natural nails anyway, or I go for a nude, soft pink, or classy red nail polish, which I can easily apply by myself at home.

3. Haircuts

I usually stick to the same hair length and have a friend or family member cut my ends. I’ve never colored my hair so far. When I do want a change I first try to do it myself. A few years ago I chopped my hair off from super long to chin length, and I was happy with the result so I left it that way. Next, I wanted curtain bangs. I watched a youtube video, cut them myself, and again, surprisingly, I was happy with how it turned out, so I didn’t have to go to get it fixed.

4. Apps

I’m currently not paying for any apps.

Let this be your reminder to check the subscriptions on your phone and see whether you didn’t forget to cancel any free trials or if you’re paying for apps that were useful to you in the past, but that you don’t need anymore.

5. Streaming Services

I haven’t owned a TV since I moved out of my parent’s house when I was 18 and I canceled my Netflix subscription over a year ago. I love movies and binge-watching shows, however, at this point in my life I need to devote my time to stuff that adds more value to my life.

6. Tampons

Next up, on the list of things I don’t buy are tampons. I haven’t used tampons in years. Since I’ve heard about toxic shock syndrome that’s also when I came across the menstrual cup. I didn’t think I would like it, but I’ve tried it and surprisingly it worked for me right away. Then I was pregnant, and breastfeeding so it was a long period with no periods for me.
Now I’m pregnant again, so I’m not spending any money on period products.

But I do wanna encourage YOU to do your research and choose what’s safest for you and maybe try some alternatives to tampons such as a menstrual cup or period underwear. 

7. Takeout coffee

Every now and then I will definitely get a takeout coffee. However, that’s certainly not something I’d spend money on daily, weekly, or even monthly.

8. Car

The city I live in has good public transport and it’s a bike city. Which, when I first moved here and saw all the people with several kids on their bikes, rain or shine, I thought to myself that will never be me. But, for the past two years, that’s what I’ve been doing. Using my bike daily. We’ll see if I’ll be able to keep that up with two kids.

9. Eye Lashes

Fake lashes. Never got them done professionally, and never go a kit to glue them on by myself at home. Will I try it one day, maybe, as for now, none of my money was spent on them.

10. Alcohol

I stopped drinking completely when I was pregnant with my first child. Then I was breastfeeding and now I’m pregnant again. Between my two pregnancies, I didn’t have more than two drinks, I just don’t ever feel like drinking anymore. It has zero positive affects on me.

11. Facials

Like with nails, I’ve never gotten a facial before. However, that might be one of the things on the list where I DO see myself spending money on it on a more regular basis in the future if I can time and money-wise.
I never had issues with my skin before, so I’ve just never prioritized it. But being over 30 now, I definitely think my skin would benefit from a professional facial, and unlike with nails, where I think it’s just such a temporary thing, getting a facial just seems like more of an investment in your current and future look and wellbeing.

12. Makeup Remover

Instead of using a makeup remover, I just double cleanse, and if I’m wearing heavier, darker eye makeup, I like to use coconut oil, and then double cleanse and it works great. 

13. Makeup Wipes

I can’t remember the last time I used makeup wipes. I was never a fan, and all I’ve heard about them in recent years, was negative, so I don’t see myself using makeup wipes anytime soon.

14. Single-use cotton pads

I use reusable ones instead.

15. Shaving cream

If you do like using it, try conditioner or coconut oil instead.

16. Foundation and too many beauty products

I’m not spending money on foundation, I prefer a tinted SPF or a good BB cream. However, I know that’s a very personal preference. Hence, I wanna talk about beauty products in general. Let this be your reminder that you don’t need 8 mascaras and 25 lipsticks.

17. Plastic toothbrushes

I use bamboo ones for years now.

18. New clothes every season

Something I stopped doing is buying new clothes every season for that season.
I rather have more timeless, quality pieces that I know will serve me for years. And in that way, I don’t go for quantity or trendy items and so I can shop during seasonal sales for the next season. Meaning, for instance, during last year’s winter sales I got two great quality, more classy coats that I know I can wear this fall and winter seasons, so the moment a new collection rolls into the store, I won’t feel like I have to run and get something.

19. Individually Packages Snacks

I will get some every now and then, either during longer trips or for some more unhealthy snacks that he isn’t getting on a regular basis. So it just stays sealed and fresh for longer. But other than that no.

20. Juices/ Sodas

We drink water 99% of the time. When we do buy other drinks it’s mostly to have some options to offer friends and family when they come over.

That’s it. That’s my list of stuff that I’m not spending money on at this point in my life. And I know we see things online all the time and feel like “Oh I need this as well” so hopeful instead, by reading this post you thought “Oh, why am I using this, is this adding value to my life, do I need this?” cause maybe you don’t. 

    This post was all about things I don’t buy.