There is no Planet B

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Maybe there is a planet B we could survive on, maybe there isn’t. You can let your imagination decide. For now, for us, we do not have a planet B to move to from one day to another once our asses are on fire. Even more, than they already are…


No Planet B

Global Climate Strike, L.A. 2019



So much seems to be going wrong in this world. So much we do not have under control or that we do control when actually we shouldn’t. But let’s put some light on all this. Let’s take matters into our own hands, let’s educate ourselves, let’s make may be small, but more conscious choices, let’s dive deeper into what we can do and all the great things people are already doing rather than just soaking up all the negativity. Don’t ignore the tragic facts, but don’t drown in them, feeling helpless either.



No Planet B

Global Climate Strike, L.A. 2019


I am with Earth

Global Climate Strike, L.A. 2019



Stay informed

A great, easy to keep up with resource is of course Instagram. Today I wanna recommend you Get facts, get news, get inspiration, be part of the conversation, to become part of the solution.





“… we are dedicated to telling human stories, of those living on the frontlines of climate change and the activists who have dedicated their lives to tackling it. We spotlight the journalists, scientists and storytellers helping us to humanise this crisis. ” – Earthrise.Studio


“Join us as we unpack complex conversations from hypocrisy to eco-anxiety. We will explore what it means to confront the climate crisis head on, to move beyond fear and grief, and to harness the necessary optimism and imagination required to build the new world we so urgently need.” – Earthrise.Studio





Albania, 2020.


And for breathtaking views, mesmerizing animal behavior, and facts about nature that could as well be part of a fairy tale, make sure to watch the documentary series “Our Planet”…if you haven’t already. 

We live in an incredible world, surrounded by an enormous power and endless beauty of nature. But also one that is very fragile. Let’s reconnect and help each other thrive.