Spring Playdough Mats For Toddlers Free Printable

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Spring Playdough Mats For Toddlers
Free Printable

These free printable spring playdough mats are perfect for celebrating this new season with your toddler (age 2-3 years).

spring playdough mats

Download your set of four printable spring-themed playdough mats now. You’ll find them at the end of this page. 

Many people’s favorite season is here, spring! Although it’s obviously best to experience the new season up close, while playing outdoors, we can’t do that all day long. 

It’s fun to add some spring-themed activities and worksheets, such as playdough mats, to educate your toddler or simply to keep them entertained. 

To help your child learn spring-related vocabulary go ahead and download my spring flashcards. The free printable consists of 32 cards.    

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Besides jumping in puddles, making a bouquet, and riding your bikes, don’t forget to eat seasonal spring foods. Seasonal eating comes with many benefits. To find out what they are and which foods to eat this spring, check out my post Seasonal Spring Foods And Their Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss Out On.

Spring printables for toddlers

Spring-themed printables like the spring playdough mats you’ll find below are perfect to celebrate this wonderful, new, fresh season with your toddler. 

Spring playdough mats

Today I got free printable spring playdough mats for you.

There are four pictures, all representing the new season. You’ll see fresh yet mild colors, flowers, butterflies, birds, and more. 

Playdough mats are great to teach your child colors, shapes, and new vocabulary. Moreover, they can help them enjoy quiet time as well as develop fine motor skills.

How to use spring playdough mats for toddlers

For toddlers, I recommend using playdough or finger paints. 

You can also put glue on the dots and let your toddler sprinkle glitter on them or add other materials, for instance, buttons or pompons.

Yes, they are called playdough mats for a reason, yet it’s totally up to you to decide how you want to use them. 

You can obviously let your toddler use playdough to fill up the dots. And there again, are many ways you can go about it, depending on your child’s age and skills. You can laminate the picture first to prevent the playdough from sticking and in that way you can definitely reuse them. Or you can skip the laminating part, decide to make a mini artwork out of them, and let the playdough stick to the paper on purpose. 

You can let your toddler do it all by themselves, or if they’re a little too young you can help them choose the right colors and make little playdough balls so it’s easier for the to fill up the white dots. 

You can let your child use paint instead. Either with a paintbrush or simply use finger paints. 

Another option is…be creative. Use glue and glitter, buttons, paper dots, pompons, and more. 

To be honest, my son is about to turn two, so I’m creating most of my printables to match his age and skills. Hence, this printable is designed for younger kids. I added only dots, instead of various shapes. I made the dots quite big and I made sure there aren’t too many of them.

Spring Playdough Mats For Toddlers

Click on one of the pictures below to open it in a new tab. From there you can easily print it.

spring playdough mats
spring playdough mats for toddlers

Happy Spring Season!