21 Super Fun Spring Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

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This post is all about spring outdoor activities for toddlers.

21 Super Fun Spring Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

Yay spring is here, which for most of us means that the days are warmer, brighter, and longer. It also means that we can spend more time with our kiddos outside. However, it’s better not to let your toddler simply run loose. Here are 21 fun spring outdoor activities for toddlers that will help you make the most of this beautiful season.   

spring outdoor activities for toddlers

We’ve all been waiting for spring and it’s finally here. It’s getting warmer outside, and the world around us is blossoming. We get some fresh energy and our kids seem to get even more than they already had. 

The best way to use this newfound energy is to spend time outdoors. We can all benefit from getting some fresh air and connecting with nature. 

Spring outdoor activities are great for toddlers as they offer a change of scenery for our little ones, which they desperately need after long winter days at home (or daycare). 

Toddlers soak up knowledge like sponges and nature offers endless lessons. It allows our little ones to develop lots of new skills and explore the world with all their senses. 

Seeing the seasons change can create a sense of wonder even in us adults so how fascinating must it be for the youngest among us? 

Let’s not waste the warmer days and not miss out on rainbows, rain puddles, or blossoming trees. Let’s plant something, let’s discover something, and let’s create something with our little ones this spring season. 

Without further ado, here are some awesome spring outdoor activities for toddlers.

21 Super Fun Spring Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

#1 Picnic

Picnics offer endless possibilities and are a great activity for families of all sizes and can be a ton of fun no matter the budget.

For tons of amazing ideas on what to pack for a picnic, what to eat, what to do, where to have one, etc. make sure to check out my complete guide on How To Have The Ultimate Picnic Experience.

#2 Sidewalk chalk

Whether it’s simply to keep your toddler occupied in one spot for a little longer, to let them practice drawing, or to teach them for instance shapes and colors, sidewalk chalk is a super easy and affordable spring outdoor activity any kiddo will love.

#3 Visit an animal sanctuary

Most kids absolutely love animals and seem to connect with them in a unique way. Visiting an animal sanctuary can be a very special and memorable experience for our kids. Spring is a great time to plan such a trip as most of the animals will be enjoying the outdoors and so can you guys.

We took our son to an animal sanctuary last year when he wasn’t even one year old. Even though he loved it, he was still a little too young to even be able to see all the animals and to fully soak in the experience. Now, one year later, when he knows a bunch of animals, loves to mimic animal sounds, is a confident walker, and has simply grown and developed so much in so many ways, I’m sure he will absolutely love it. I can’t wait to take him again this spring season!

#4 Fly a kite

If you want to let your kid run free, let them fly a kite. Spring is said to be the best time to do so. All you need is a windy day, an open field, a park, or the beach, and obviously a kite. You can even create a DIY kite with your toddler, which makes this activity a 2-in-1.

#5 Ride a balance bike

I’m sure my kid is not the only one obsessed with wheels and anything that rolls.

Balance bikes can be an amazing spring outdoor activity for toddlers. They can help your child work on their balance, so build their motor skills. They offer a challenge and with that comes a sense of excitement and achievement. That will help build your toddler’s confidence and is furthermore, a super helpful step in learning to ride a bike later on.

#6 Blow bubbles

From supporting the development of fine motor skills, social skills, to visual tracking and hand-eye coordination, the super simple and affordable activity of blowing bubbles offers toddlers endless benefits.

#7 Plant… something, anything

Springtime is THE time to plant something. Whether you happen to have a veggie (or flower) garden of your own or could create a small herbs garden on the patio, let your toddler help you plant the seeds.

Planting is such a wonderful spring activity for kids. It offers so many teaching opportunities.
From learning new vocabulary to practicing fine and gross motor skills, learning about and connecting with earth and nature, seeing where the food they eat is coming from and so much more. Not to mention simply getting some fresh air, getting their hands dirty, and getting to spend quality time with you.

spring outdoor activities for toddlers

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#8 Make a bouquet

spring activities for toddlers

Let your little one explore nature with all their senses, also by smelling flowers.
Picking flowers, telling your child the names of the flowers and teaching them colors, then making a bouquet is such a relaxing and simple spring activity. You don’t have to go crazy, some tulips and/or daffodils are enough. Your toddler will be excited to bring a piece of nature back home and probably talk (or try to talk) about the experience every time they see the bouquet in your kitchen or living room area.

#9 Play in a sandbox

Your toddler can actually practice a lot of skills by playing in a sandbox. From using a shovel, and pouring water, to lifting a bucket. Up till now, it might have been too rainy and too cold to play in the sand or your nearest sandbox might have even been covered in snow. Spring is a great time to grab some fun sand toys (or old kitchen utensils!) and have some fun outdoors.

#10 Jump in puddles

Oh, it’s still raining quite a bit in your area? That’s not an excuse to stay stuck inside. It’s time to grab a raincoat, some rain boots, and some overalls and let your toddler work on their balance and strength while jumping in puddles.

#11 Visit a tulip field

A trip to a tulip field makes for a great spring outdoor activity for the whole family. If you’re lucky enough to have one close enough to where you live don’t miss your chance and go! Tulip season starts end of March and ends in May, but make sure you check the tulip field’s or garden’s website for details.

#12 Go for a walk in search of the first signs of spring

Make your daily walk a bit more exciting and celebrate the new season by searching for the first signs of spring. This could mean melting snow, spring flowers blooming, blossoming trees, people planting something, seedlings, sunshine, rain puddles, birds chirping, or building nests. You can prepare a checklist beforehand and go on a scavenger hunt or simply let your child lead and see what they discover on their own.

#13 Make a mud pie

Let’s be honest, most toddlers will be absolutely delighted if you let them get messy. By making a mud pie your child gets the opportunity to connect with nature, be creative, relax, and it’s obviously a great sensory activity.

#14 Paint with nature

Let your child collect and then use flowers, sticks, or leaves as paintbrushes. You can let them paint with water on the pavement or with paint on a piece of paper of course, as long as they’re big enough and won’t try to taste the paint.

#15 Have a dance party outdoors

Any season is a good season for a dance party. So is springtime.
Simply move your dance party from the living room to your garden or patio so your child gets the usual benefits of this fun activity plus some fresh air.

#16 Have a BBQ

Besides spending time outdoors, having a springtime BBQ is a great opportunity to let your toddler try new foods. Both, your favorite (toddler-friendly) bbq recipes, as well as some fresh, local produce. Maybe there are some fruits and veggies they were too young (or too stubborn) to try last spring, that they’ll like this time around.

spring activities for toddlers

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#17 Mud painting

We had a mud pie, we had painting with nature. You can also let your toddler create a mud painting as it’s a super creative, fun sensory activity. If you look up mud painting online you might be astonished to see how beautiful a mud painting can turn out to be!

#18 Paint rocks

Sticking with the topics of painting and creativity, the next amazing spring outdoor activity for toddlers is rock painting. While on your next walk help your child search for and collect the best rocks for this activity.

#19 Make a flower crown

Making a flower crown can be an easy and fun nature craft activity. It’s a great way to make your usual trip to a playground or park more special for your child. Depending on their age they can help you pick the flowers and then watch you make the crown or you can let them help you with more than that.

#20 Ball games

Kids love playing with balls from the youngest age. With spring in the air, you can take your ball games and your child’s skills to the next level by playing outdoors. Whether it’s simply kicking and throwing the ball, bowling, or setting up soccer goals for your toddler, there are no limits to the fun.

#21 Set up a sensory table

Sensory tables are great for young kids all year long and you can certainly find ways to use them indoors during the winter. However, nothing beats an outdoor sensory table, where there is no limit to your creativity. No more worrying about the mess or ruining the floors. You can use mud, bubbles, flour, water, and much more!

There you have it, 21 fun and easy spring outdoor activities for toddlers!

Happy Spring!