10 Doable Side Hustles For Moms To Earn Some Extra Money From Home

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This post is all about side hustles for moms.

10 Doable Side Hustles For Moms
To Earn Some Extra Money From Home

Being a stay-at-home mom and finding beauty in homemaking is one of the most wonderful jobs to which one can devote their life. However, a lot of us mamas would love to do something else on the side as well, both for our mental well-being and our creativity as well as to earn some extra money for our families. If you’re one of us, check out the top 10 side hustles for moms.

side hustles for moms

There are many reasons why moms would love to start a side hustle. You might need the extra money for your family or you simply want the financial validation for doing a job. Cause let’s be honest, the job you’re doing as a mom is priceless, yet you won’t ever earn a penny from it. What’s more lots of people these days don’t see the sacrifice that comes with choosing or having to be a full-time mama. A babysitter earns money. A housekeeper earns money. A chef and a waitress earn money. A driver earns money. Yet a mom who does it all is oftentimes called lazy or lucky to be chilling at home all day.

Anyway, don’t want to go on a rent about that right now. I see you mama, you’re doing a hell of a job and don’t let anyone ever make you doubt that.
Besides the desire to earn some extra money from home, you might simply need an extra outlet, an extra activity. Something completely different from your daily chores. For the fun of it, to challenge yourself, to try something new, or to use your expertise and experience.
Let’s check out some doable side hustles for moms below.

1. Blogging

Blogging isn’t a fast game or easy money but it’s also not dead yet like many people might believe it is. Most bloggers make money from displaying ads on their websites, from affiliate marketing, and selling their courses, or downloads.

  • anyone can start a blog with the goal of making money
  • it’s relatively cheap to start a blog
  • all you need to know for the first years of blogging is available online; you can learn from other bloggers via their websites, free webinars, and youtube channels, or invest in their courses
  • it can be a fun challenge
  • you can do it at any time of the day or night
  • you can work as much or as little as you’d like
  • it can be a great creative outlet
  • once you get the hang of it and the traffic starts coming in, you can earn quite a lot; again, once you put in the hours and your traffic starts increasing it’s really in your hands how much work you going to keep putting into your blog and how much you’d like to earn


  • it’s definitely not a get-rich-quick job
  • you need to be consistent
  • it can be very disheartening to keep creating quality content for months or even years before earning a penny; yet once you get over that phase, you’re going to be very grateful that you pushed through; many bloggers agree that it’s way harder to earn your first 500$ from blogging than it is to earn your first 5k after that

2. Online Tutor

You don’t need to have a degree in teaching to become an online tutor. You can choose as good as any topic you’re interested in and are good at. Some subjects and platforms will require you to provide proof of certain experience or qualifications. Don’t worry if you think you’re not good enough at anything. You can definitely teach English as a second language. There are many online platforms you can use that will help you find students.


  • it won’t cost you anything to start
  • there are enough people out there who are looking for tutors
  • you choose your own schedule and decide how many hours you want to work
  • you can start earning as soon as you start teaching


  • you do need to stick to the hours you agree to, so even though you do create your own schedule you can’t just keep changing it
  • you need patience, and you need to come prepared
  • it’s quite easy to start making some money yet hard to make any big money

3. Selling Digital Products

If a creative outlet is what you’re looking for, creating and selling digital products might be for you. From cards, decor items, invitations, and journals, to kids coloring pages and workbooks, your imagination is the limit.

4. Content Creator On YouTube

I don’t think I need to explain too much as everyone these days knows about YouTube. What a lot of people misunderstand though is that you don’t need millions of subscribers and billions of views to start making money.

To start monetizing your channel you need:

“1. Get 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months, or
2. Get 1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days.” – YouTube

To get a better idea of the potential earnings of a small channel, simply type in “how much youtube paid me with 1000 subscribers/ in the first month of being monetized” in the YouTube search bar.


  • you can start a channel today, for free
  • amazing creative outlet
  • you can fully showcase your talent or share your expertise or you can simply be fully yourself and start a vlog channel
  • you have full freedom over your schedule, how much you want to post, and when
  • if it’s something you start loving to do, you will get better, and people will start watching your videos more and more; the more you grow, the more you can earn
  • it opens the door to many other opportunities
  • you’ll get more confident
  • a video you create today can keep making you money for many years to come
  • there is always an audience, for any topic you’re passionate about


  • time-consuming
    It can take a lot of time to create even a quite short and simple video.
    I think people highly underestimate the effort that goes into creating content; oftentimes the simpler a video seems the more effort went into it; unless you’re a born youtube talent it will take you a moment to get used to being in front of the camera and sound natural
  • again, it’s not a get-rich-quick option, however, there are exceptions
  • it takes various skills or many hours of studying to figure out everything from filming, and editing to later on SEO, etc.
  • you need to get over the initial fear of putting yourself out there
  • you will be criticized or laughed at sooner or later

5. Sell Used Items Online

There are many benefits to decluttering your home. You can start with your wardrobe and your kids’ toys. But don’t just get rid of what you’re not using anymore. You can definitely earn some extra money by selling used items online. From books, toys, and clothes, to furniture people are always looking for a good second-hand deal, giving you the chance to earn some extra money.

6. Online Course

If there’s anything you’re passionate about that you could share, show, and teach others, you might want to create an online course. Unlike with a blog or a youtube channel where you have to keep creating content over time, you can create one product, as in your course, and put all the videos/text/visuals in there at once. Yes, it will take more time, but once you’re done you have an actual product to sell. You can use various platforms inter alia Teachable.

7. Rent out a room or the whole apartment/house

If you happen to have a spare bedroom or are travelling with your family quite a bit you might want to consider renting out your spare space on platforms such as Airbnb.

8. Sell Prints or Presets

If you’re into photography you could make some extra money selling prints or Lightroom presets online. You can create your own website or use platforms like Etsy.

9. Copywriting

If you don’t know much about it already, learn the basics of copywriting online, then create a portfolio. Find entry-level copywriting jobs online. You can also join a freelance writing agency.

10. Proofreading

If you’re not too passionate about writing yet have a great eye for details and are good at grammar, spelling, and punctuation you might want to look into proofreading jobs.

This post was all about side hustles for moms.