150 Insanely Powerful Self-Love Affirmations

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This post is all about self-love affirmations.

150 Insanely Powerful Self-Love Affirmations

Treat yourself with kindness, and respect, and boost your confidence with self-love affirmations.

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You need to take action, make good choices, and be consistent to live a life you love and to see improvement. There is no way around it. However, that’s gonna be damn hard to do if there’s a lot of negative self-talk, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and feelings of unworthiness present in your life right now. Self-love affirmations won’t magically change your whole life. They will, however, change your perspective, open your eyes, mute the negative chatter, and help you find the courage to love yourself and your life again. What will follow are better choices, more self-respect, confidence, and more discipline.
So give affirmations for self-love a try, hey, they’re free anyway. You can only win.

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150 Insanely Powerful Self-Love Affirmations

  1. I trust myself.
  2. I am a good person.
  3. I am enough just the way I am right now.
  4. I am worthy.
  5. I have great ideas.
  6. I am strong and courageous enough to stand up for myself and go after what I want in life.
  7. I am beautiful.
  8. I am a good friend.
  9. I can and will learn from my mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. I am allowed to make them too.
  10. I love myself.
  11. I am grateful for my body, mind, and my soul.
  12. I know that everything is going to work out for me.
  13. I deserve love and respect.
  14. I know my value.
  15. I don’t need anyone’s approval.
  16. Others’ opinions of me are not a true reflection of who I am at my core.
  17. I matter.
  18. My feelings and my needs are valid.
  19. I am safe.
  20. I can handle hard days.
  21. I can do this!
  22. It’s ok to prioritize myself.
  23. My life is meaningful and I’ve got so much more to give and to receive.
  24. I can start over anytime.
  25. I am mentally and emotionally stable and mature.
  26. I deserve to feel joy and be at peace.
  27. I can set boundaries and stick to them.
  28. I choose to be kind to myself.
  29. I deserve to be here.
  30. My voice matters.
  31. I am proud of myself.
  32. I am unique and I love that.
  33. I listen to my body.
  34. I trust my instincts.
  35. My life is beautiful and inspiring.
  36. I am grateful for this moment.
  37. I am in control of my own feelings.
  38. I am not defined by my past.
  39. I choose to forgive myself.
  40. I let go of shame and fear.
  41. I deserve to be celebrated.
  42. It’s ok to say no.
  43. I can ask for help.
  44. It’s ok to not be ok at times, this too shall pass.
  45. I am allowed to dream big.
  46. I am in charge of my life.
  47. It is not over yet. I can turn things around.
  48. I deserve to be heard.
  49. I am creative.
  50. I like myself.
  51. I radiate joy.
  52. I give myself permission to rest and recharge.
  53. I deserve to be successful.
  54. I add value to people’s lives.
  55. I have what it takes to make my dreams come true.
  56. I love myself enough to show up for myself. Consistently.
  57. I trust the timing of my life.
  58. No one can steal my peace.
  59. I am brave.
  60. I am resilient.
  61. I am excited to keep learning and growing.
  62. I am still. I am present.
  63. I love life.
  64. I will figure it out.
  65. I am secure in myself.
  66. I am loved.
  67. I have a lot to offer.
  68. I am capable.
  69. I am fun to be around.
  70. What I have to say is interesting.
  71. I believe in myself.
  72. It’s ok to prioritize my own peace.
  73. I will not give up on myself.
  74. Today, I choose to have a good day.
  75. I am generous.
  76. I welcome good things into my life.
  77. I am grateful for my health.
  78. I release any negative self-talk.
  79. I am worthy of a peaceful and fulfilling life.
  80. I am not my job, or my relationship status.
  81. I feel content.
  82. I have everything I need.
  83. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
  84. I do not have to meet everyone’s expectations.
  85. I treat my body with kindness and care.
  86. I invest in myself.
  87. I am a positive light in peoples’ lives.
  88. I am intelligent.
  89. I am a great partner.
  90. My worth does not have to be earned. 
  91. I am a wonderful mother.
  92. I am thankful for all the good in my life.
  93. I am loving.
  94. I am not the negative thoughts and feelings I have.
  95. I am able to not take things personally.
  96. I am not to blame for someone else’s misery or poor life choices.
  97. I deserve to be and feel lucky sometimes.
  98. I am not perfect and that’s perfectly okay.
  99. I have faith in my abilities.
  100. I am thankful for all that my body does for me daily.
  101. I deserve to see positive results from my hard work.
  102. I can and will achieve financial freedom.
  103. I accept my imperfections.
  104. I am fine with not being everyone’s cup of tea.
  105. Today, I choose myself.
  106. My mental health matters more than chores or other peoples’ expectations.
  107. I can and will choose to speak up and take up space when I want to.
  108. I am responsible for my actions, my choices, and my reactions.
  109. I am just as important as others.
  110. I belong.
  111. I am powerful.
  112. I am fearless.
  113. I am not a victim and I will not pitty myself.
  114. I choose to move on.
  115. I can do hard things.
  116. I welcome peace, joy, and abundance into my life.
  117. I attract wonderful people into my life.
  118. I cannot be replaced.
  119. I am not my fears.
  120. My strength is greater than any struggle.
  121. I am whole.
  122. I am valued.
  123. I am free.
  124. I am protected.
  125. I attract healthy relationships.
  126. I am appreciative of who I am.
  127. I am a beautiful soul.
  128. I am attractive.
  129. I trust in my decisions.
  130. I can have everything I want in life.
  131. I am overflowing with joy.
  132. I am healing.
  133. I attract great opportunities.
  134. I am supported.
  135. I make others smile.
  136. I am grounded.
  137. I deserve to live a life I love.
  138. I am grateful for this moment.
  139. I choose to breathe and feel calm.
  140. I can find a solution.
  141. I promise myself to stop worrying about everything.
  142. I choose to stop apologizing for being me.
  143. I will not make myself smaller anymore.
  144. I am at home in my body.
  145. I choose to view life through the lens of love.
  146. I will achieve my goals.
  147. I have so much potential.
  148. I release all my insecurities about myself.
  149. I release feelings of anger and anxiety. I welcome peace.
  150. I embrace my full personality.
Love, K