10 Pretty Darn Good Reasons To Have A Second Child

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This post is all about reasons to have a second child.

10 Pretty Darn Good Reasons To Have
A Second Child

Are you one and done or is there a little voice in your head considering having another child? Let’s discover some common and pretty good reasons to have a second child.

reasons to have a second child

I’m one of those women who always wanted to be a mother. I spend many years single, traveled solo, lived and worked abroad. I questioned everything in my life. I looked with a magnifying glass at my life, my upbringing, my belief system, my friends, and my family to get a better understanding of how I relate to it all, what do I think and want vs what I’m simply used to or conditioned to believe.

There’re many views, behaviors, and lifepaths that I witnessed growing up yet came to the conclusion they were not for me. However, I never stopped wanting to be a mother one day. No matter what I questioned, how much I’ve grown and changed as a person, this deep desire stayed with me.
And as life unfolded and love came into my life with a big bang, blossomed, and quickly decided to stay for good, I indeed became a mama to a wonderful, fun, sweet, curious, brave little baby boy. 

While giving birth I had a short moment of thinking how on earth does any woman agree to do that a second time, there’s no way. Then surviving the postpartum period. Breastfeeding. And then one day slowly feeling like yourself again. You’re done, you’ve managed it all, you survived. And now what? Do you move on or do you do it all over again?
I think most women, whether they were sure they only wanted one child or planned for 2+, will get to a point of reconsidering their “plans” and think about whether to have another child or not. Not only that, but one must also consider the age gap between kids, when is a good time for your family to possibly have another child?

Let’s look at some of the common reasons to have a second child.

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10 Reasons To Have A Second Child

#1 A playmate for your child that’s as good as always available

Yes, it can be fun at times to play dress up, build blocks, and run around the table with your toddler. But let’s be honest both you and your child would greatly benefit from having a built-in playmate.

#2 Friends for life

There is no class, no toy, no gift you could give your child that’s greater than “giving” them a sibling. A bond for life and if things go well, a friend for life as well.
And I don’t want to make it sound like the second child is there to entertain the older one, obviously, it’s pretty damn amazing (and useful) to have an older sibling as well. A win-win…-win for parents and both kids.

#3 Teaching kids social skills they wouldn’t otherwise gain, at least not so quickly and not on such an intense level

Having a sibling means compromising, negotiating, taking care of each other, having each others’ backs, and learning to share, from day one.
Yes, your child will learn to socialize during playgroups or at school, however, having a sibling means sharing, teaching, learning, communicating, and interacting with someone throughout your whole day, in all possible circumstances.

#4 Installing a sense of leadership, responsibility, and confidence in the older child

I don’t want to make it sound like something negative. A child is still and child and a parent is still the parent no matter how many kids there are. However, becoming the older sibling comes with the opportunity to be and feel more responsible, and confident and discover the leader and nurturer in yourself.

#5 More time for you

After surviving the newborn stage, of course, you’ll have more time for yourself as there will come a point where the kids will be able to entertain themselves for longer periods. You can still play with them, but now you’ll be able to be more of a parent and an individual rather than a playmate.

#6 Experiencing the miracle and joy of birth one more time

I know, I know. Pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding, and the newborn stage are not easy by any means. But they do pass. And let’s be honest, those are one of the most magical experiences you had in life, aren’t they? Hearing the heartbeat for the very first time. Feeling the baby grow and kick in your belly. Holding your newborn for the very first time. And now on top of that experiencing the growing bond between your first and second child.
Sounds like something you don’t want to miss out on in this life? If so, you’re surely not the only one. 

#7 You’re more experienced and the second time might be easier

Every pregnancy is different and there will still be things you’ll still worry and wonder about. However, there are also a ton of questions you now have the answers to. You’ve gone through it all already. You know what to expect more or less. How contractions feel. How breastfeeding feels. Yes, you’ll still have to learn a lot and adapt to the new kiddo’s needs plus navigate a daily routine with a toddler on top of that, but now you know, that you can do it.

#8 You don’t need to buy as much

Unless your first child is way older and you’ve gotten rid of all the baby stuff right away, there’s a good chance that you already have the majority of things you’ll need for your newborn. Especially the more expensive things, like a car seat, a crib, a stroller, etc.
Plus most mamas buy way too much for their first child. You think you need everything, or you simply don’t know what you will need so you buy more just in case. Having a second child you’ll be more confident about what the must-haves are and you can make more reasonable shopping decisions.

#9 You can do all the things you regret not having done the first time around

You get a second shot. Do you wish you made a week-by-week pregnancy transformation video? Did you want a water birth but didn’t push through with the idea? Do you regret not taking monthly pictures of your newborn? Whatever your big or little regret might be, you can make it right this time. 

#10 More birthdays, potential weddings, and more grandkids

Yea, yea we’re not about pushing your child or even hoping for them to get married and have kids of their own, but there is a great chance that they will. More kids does mean more celebrations, busier holidays, and most of all more laughter, love, and togetherness.
I find the thought of attending my son’s wedding one day or holding his child absolutely out of this world amazing.

10 Pretty Darn Good Reasons To Have A Second Child