62 Questions To Get To Know Yourself

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This post is all about questions to get to know yourself. 

62 Questions To Get To Know Yourself

You spend all day every day with you. With your thoughts, your emotions, your body, your mind, and your soul. But do you feel like you truly know yourself? 

Self-awareness will improve your life on many levels. It will help with productivity, motivation, and feeling emotionally balanced. 

Self-awareness is how an individual consciously knows and understands their own character, feelings, motives, and desires.


For your overall well-being make sure to take some time every now and then, if not daily, to actually reflect on your life, your desires, your fears, and so on. 

A great way to get to know yourself better is of course by asking yourself specific questions that can help with that. 

You can either just reflect on the questions in your head, in silence or you can write them as well as your answers down in a journal. In that way, you can compare your answers in a few months or years. 

Your answers to those questions will change with time, and that’s perfectly normal. It’s actually how it’s supposed to be. You will change, grow, your perspective will shift. 

Let’s check out 62 questions you should ask yourself to get to know yourself better. 

 62 Questions To Get To Know Yourself

Just a heads-up, some questions are fun, some pretty serious. 

  1. How do I feel in this moment?
  2. What am I afraid of today?
  3. What am I most grateful for today?

    questions to get to know yourself better
  4. What is the most important thing in my life?
  5. What are my 5 top values in life?
  6. What are my 5 top values in another person?
  7. What am I most proud of?
  8. What am I good at?
  9. What am I bad at, but would like to be good at?
  10. What is my best quality?
  11. What is my worst quality?
  12. What do I believe in?
  13. What is my favorite physical feature?
  14. What am I self-conscious about when it comes to my appearance?
  15. How many hours of sleep do I need to feel my best?
  16. What makes me tired?

    questions to get to know yourself more
  17. How do I define love?
  18. How do I define success?
  19. How do I define motherhood?
  20. When was the last time I cried and why?
  21. What is my biggest fear in life?
  22. When do I feel anxious?
  23. What’s one thing that would make me happy and confident today if I could achieve it?
  24. Am I a night-owl or an early bird?

    questions to get to know yourself life

  25. Do I prefer books or movies?
  26. What are my top 5 books?
  27. What are my top 5 movies?
  28. What are my top 5 songs?
  29. How much money do I have? In cash, a savings account? And how much debt do I have?
  30. What is one thing I’m ashamed of and why?

    questions to get to know yourself truths
  31. What is my favorite self-care “activity”?
  32. How much alone time do I need in a day/week?
  33. What are my 5 must-have clothing items?
  34. What’s my favorite holiday?
  35. What’s my favorite season?
  36. What’s the first movie I saw in a theater?
  37. What are some of my favorite concerts I’ve been to?

    questions to get to know yourself deep
  38. If I could live anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
  39. Where would I like to have a vacation home?
  40. Do I believe in an afterlife?
  41. What’s my biggest pet peeve?
  42. Who are my 5 closest friends?

    questions to ask yourself to get to know yourself
  43. Do I want to donate my organs once I die?
  44. What should my funeral look like? What song do I want to be played?
  45. If I go to the darkest parts of me, what makes me the most angry and what the most scared?
  46. What’s something I feel hurt, disappointed about?
  47. Do I believe all people are inherently good? Or are some people simply pure evil?
  48. Do I believe in ghosts?
  49. Do I believe there is life beyond Earth?

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  50. What superpower would I like to have?
  51. Who is my male celebrity crush?
  52. Who is my female celebrity crush?
  53. What is my favorite meal?
  54. Who do I miss the most today?
  55. What do I miss the most today?
  56. What is my love language?
  57. What instrument would I like to learn to play?
  58. What 3 foreign languages would I like to speak the most?
  59. What’s the style of my dream house?
  60. How patient am I on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being super patient and 1 being impatient?
  61. Do I want (more) kids? 
  62. How do I feel about aging?

Get To Know Yourself Better!

This post was all about questions to get to know yourself better.