Pregnancy is not the time to play tough. Kidney obstruction.

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Pregnancy is not the time to play tough

Kidney obstruction during pregnancy


All the changes in your body (and mind), all the pregnancy symptoms showing up, and the thought at the back of your head that you will go through labor, might make you think twice before complaining…too soon, too much. Cause if you already cry for help now, what will you do later? Yet, you gotta listen to your body, pregnancy is not the time to play tough. 


Pregnant Belly with text overlay sayingKidney Obstruction During Pregnancy


And I am saying this because:

In my second trimester, which is said to be the most enjoyable one, one with the least amount of negative symptoms I started experiencing enormous pain in my right side. I thought maybe it’s round ligament pain, maybe it’s just the baby growing and pushing and I am supposed to feel that way. 

However, I would say I am not one to complain easily and I think I can handle pain rather well. So if I can barely handle this, how come other women can and it’s something most pregnant women feel at some point? Am I that weak, is pregnancy that hard?? I was driving myself crazy (and I’m sure my partner as well) for days, between trying to cope with the pain and telling myself to just ignore it, that it’s nothing. Let me tell you, it didn’t go so well. 

I couldn’t bend over, I couldn’t lay down, I got shivers, a mild fever, the pain was getting severe af. And so I went to a doctor, got some tests done, awaited the results, while being given an antibiotic for a UTI– just in case. This did nothing. So I kept struggling for four more days. At least I was on sick leave from work, I thought, and could drown in misery at home. After all the sleepless nights (I was sitting on the couch or leaning against the wall trying to fall asleep, as laying down only made it worse), trying out all positions, sitting still on a chair for hours, sweating, and then getting shivers again, feeling like I’m gonna pass out, trying all relaxation and breathing techniques I could think of, I called the doctor again on evening four, crying in pain, that the antibiotics aren’t helping much. She asked me to take paracetamol every 6 hours and come see her the next day. I don’t even know why I didn’t ask for painkillers before, I am not a fan of medication, even more so in pregnancy, so I figured if it was ok the doctors would have suggested it. Let’s blame it on sleep deprivation and low-grade fever that I didn’t just take some right away. Anyway, paracetamol gave me some temporary relief, not for long and not fully. 

To not go too much into detail, the next doctor sent me to a kidney ultrasound, turned out I had a kidney obstruction. New antibiotics, stronger painkillers. The same night, the pain got really bad again, and on top of that, now I was getting a UTI, so to the hospital, we went. This decision was actually made by my sweet man and I can’t thank him enough for making me go. 

More tests, UTI one dose antibiotic, and advice to keep taking paracetamol until the other medicine would kick in. With all that, at least now I could feel some relief. 

I wasn’t overreacting, I wasn’t “weak”, I didn’t have to wonder what was happening anymore. Having the clarity and knowing it was a kidney obstruction and that there are some steps that can be taken to heal, was all I really needed to stop driving myself crazy. 

On top of that, I must say, the best part and probably also why I kept some sanity through it all was that I kept feeling the baby kick, I felt the connection with him, and his well-being was confirmed at each doctor’s visit along the way. So grateful for that part!


My kidney obstruction symptoms:

x severe, dull pain in the right side, radiating to the back and hip 

x pain getting worse while laying down or walking

x chills

x fever

x vomiting


Every pregnancy is different and I can’t possibly know what other women are going through. So I don’t want to sound dramatic as if I had the worst unexpected pain off you all. Especially cause besides those freaking 2 weeks, my pregnancy is going really smoothly. I didn’t struggle with much nausea, I didn’t throw up once (well, I did twice but that’s from the pain while having this crappy experience) and my mood has been really boosted most of the time.

I am just sharing this to encourage you to listen to your body and not to beat yourself up, trying to seem extra strong. Especially if it’s your first pregnancy, and like me, you are not sure what is normal and what should be checked asap. 

Your well-being and that of your little one(s) should be a priority. Mental health included! So please open up, seek help and free your mind of the worries, anxiety, uncertainty, at least to some extent. Don’t play tough, don’t struggle in silence, thinking that makes you a better mama. And if you do reach out and get told that all is well, that the symptoms that have been worrying you are completely normal, don’t think you were overreacting, instead enjoy the feeling of relief, be proud- you’re caring, you’re learning. You’re discovering new parts of your pregnancy journey. Be grateful!     



x Listen to your body

x Yes, stay positive, but don’t ignore pain or any symptoms that may concern you, mental health included! Better double-check it with a professional

x Take care of yourself, try to feel as relaxed, as healthy, and as in tune with yourself as possible and as often as possible. That’s not being selfish. You’re creating a life! It’s not only yourself that you’re looking after