7 Top Pregnancy Essentials Every Mom Will Use

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This post is all about pregnancy essentials.

7 Top Pregnancy Essentials
Every Mom Will Use

If you’re a little bit overwhelmed by all the pregnancy items out there, this post is for you. You need way less than you might think. In this post, you’ll find the top pregnancy essentials!

pregnancy essentials

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Since I’m in the 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy, I feel like it’s a good time to talk about pregnancy essentials. Now I can honestly share what I’ve used throughout two pregnancies and would therefore a) use again in the future and b) I can certainly recommend to other mamas.

The intention of this post is to share actually essentials, must-haves not nice-haves

I feel like there’s a bunch of pregnancy stuff you can get that you may or may not need, may or may not like. More often than not those things are being presented or promoted as essentials, which they just aren’t. 

We see a lot of stuff online and if we see something often enough, which we will, because one post leads to another and suddenly our whole feed consists of pregnancy tips, newborn essentials, and beige nurseries…We internalize those images, convincing ourselves that’s the norm and that we need all those things as well. 

So if you’re a mama-to-be and maybe feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of items other pregnant women seem to be buying, I hope this rather minimal list will serve you and show you that you might need less than you might think. 

Here are the items you’ll not regret buying.

Top Pregnancy Essentials

#1 Prenatal Vitamins

If you haven’t already started taking prenatals or at least folic acid while trying for a baby your doctor will certainly advise you to take them from the beginning of your pregnancy.
What exactly you’ll need and what you should avoid has to be of course consulted with your doctor. Therefore, I will not give any recommendations as far as prenatal vitamins go. I just wanted to quickly mention that that’s something we all gotta get. 

#2 Birth Ball / Fitness Ball

A birthing ball is an absolute must-have in my option that I hope all pregnant mamas and mamas of newborns know about. 

It can provide a lot of comfort and is very beneficial during pregnancy, all stages of labor as well as postpartum

You will probably start using it daily in your second trimester and by the third trimester, it might be the only thing you want to sit on. At least for longer periods of time.

It provides so much comfort, takes the pressure off of your back, and helps you relax your muscles. You can gently sway your hips or do some circular movements to help you feel a bit more comfortable. It can also feel great to lean on your birth ball from a kneeling position.

My ball deflated a bit too much and I wasn’t able to use it in the past few days. I can tell you I feel a big difference. It’s been a real struggle, I feel way more pain and discomfort, and can’t really find a comfortable position. I don’t have the right pump but I definitely need to fix that as soon as possible. 

By the end of your pregnancy, you can use the ball for labor prep. You’ll easily find videos with simple movements/exercises on YouTube.

Then, during labor, it might be a life-saver or offer at least some comfort. There are birthing positions as well where a birthing ball is used, so you might want to try those out.

You will most likely enjoy using the exercise ball during your postpartum journey as well. What I wish I knew right away is that gently bouncing on the ball while holding your newborn can quickly calm them down. It can even put them to sleep. 

To wrap this birthing ball talk up. It’s not a big investment considering that it can serve you throughout all those stages. What is more, if you plan on having another child in the future I guarantee you you’ll use it again. Otherwise, your toddler will love playing with it or you can use it as an actual exercise ball. So I highly, highly recommend getting one or making a trip to the garage to find your old one if you already have one somewhere.

#3 Next up, let’s talk about pregnancy clothes

I’m not a fan of getting a whole pregnancy wardrobe. No judgment, if you can afford it and it will make you feel better, go for it. But it’s definitely not necessary to buy a lot of new stuff. You can easily manage with an oversized t-shirt or even your partner’s clothes. What I would suggest getting, to start with, is a pair of pregnancy jeans and a pair of either leggings or sweatpants.
Depending on the weather and your life/work situation you’ll have to see what you can wear. And most importantly you’ll have to wait and see how much and in what areas your body will change and grow.

So do not go out one day after getting a positive pregnancy test and buy 10 pairs of pregnancy jeans. But also don’t think you will be able to use some pregnancy hacks, like using a hair tie to close your pants throughout your entire pregnancy. I really doubt that.
Like I’ve said, I don’t think it’s necessary to splurge on pregnancy clothes. However, I believe you can with a peaceful mind invest in a pair or two of comfy, loose, stretchy pants. You will need them during your pregnancy and postpartum period. 

#4 Comfy bras

I’m sure it’s not news to you that your breasts will grow and change a lot whether you plan on breastfeeding or not. 

You certainly won’t regret getting a comfy, wireless bra or two. When it comes to nursing bras specifically, I wouldn’t get more than one or two until you start your breastfeeding journey and see what type of bra works best for you. 

#5 An oil and/or a hydrating cream for your tummy

There are of course whole skincare lines of products designed or at least marketed specifically towards pregnant women. Don’t freak out, you don’t need all of them. You’ll once again have to see how your body changes and what you need. However, no matter have well your skin stretches and how good you might feel, you will definitely enjoy using a hydrating cream or oil for your belly. It’s best to use one throughout your pregnancy. But it’s in the 3rd trimester when you’ll find yourself using it on a regular basis. 

#6 A pregnancy pillow

As your belly grows it will get harder and harder to find a comfortable sleeping position. A pregnancy pillow will be your new best friend.
I do think you can manage without it. That is as long as you have enough other pillows to build yourself a cozy sleeping space. Having an extra pillow between your knees, an extra one behind your back, and an extra one in front of your belly for some extra support.
However, if you are considering getting a pregnancy pillow, especially if you also want to breastfeed later, I think it’s definitely worth the investment. You’ll end up using it nonstop for sleeping and while breastfeeding.

#7 A water bottle

You will need to and want to drink a lot during both pregnancy and postpartum. I assume most of us have a bunch of water bottles at home already. If you don’t or if you would like to get yourself a nice new water bottle, it’s definitely a good and justified investment and certainly a pregnancy essential. 

7 Top Pregnancy Essentials Every Mom Will Use