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50 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations + Free Printable

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50 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations


One of the things you can easily do to make your pregnancy journey a more positive and enjoyable one is to use positive pregnancy affirmations. They can help you ease anxiety and stress as well as boost your confidence. Positive statements about your body, your ability to nourish your baby and carry it to term as well as to give birth can eventually turn negative thinking patterns and worries into positive beliefs. 


50 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations


You can:

x print out all 50 affirmations mentioned in this post (free printable at the end of this post)
x write down your own list and for instance keep it on your nightstand to read first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to sleep at night
x put single statements on sticky notes and place them in different spots around your house
x remember a few that really resonate with you at a particular stage of your pregnancy and repeat them in your mind or say them out loud

In this post, you’ll find 50 positive pregnancy affirmations and can of course use those. I do encourage you to tailor them specifically to your own thoughts and feelings. What are some thoughts that trigger worries, anxiety, stress, sadness, or helplessness in you? What are some negative thoughts you might have about your changing body? Make sure to find words to replace those with positive pregnancy affirmations and hopefully those will then over time become your new beliefs.


Here are 50 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations


  1. I’m grateful for this pregnancy.
  2. I feel blessed and empowered by my pregnancy. 
  3. I am worthy of my baby.
  4. I am ready to be a mom.  
  5. I’m excited about my pregnancy. 
  6. I will have a joyful, healthy, and smooth pregnancy experience. 
  7. I welcome all the changes and challenges that are to come with an open heart. Positive Pregnancy Affirmations
  8. My body is welcoming the baby and is able to adapt to its needs, keeping me and my baby healthy and safe. 
  9. My body knows exactly what it’s doing. 
  10. I trust my body.
  11. All I need to be a great mother is already within me. 
  12. My body knows how to nourish and grow a healthy baby.
  13. I am in tune with my body. 
  14. I enjoy caring for my body and therefore for my baby. 
  15. I am healthy and strong. 
  16. I am ready to embark on this new chapter of my life.Positive Pregnancy Affirmations 
  17. I choose to enjoy the process and welcome all the changes with a grateful heart. 
  18. My baby is healthy and strong. 
  19. I love my pregnant body. 
  20. My pregnant body is beautiful.
  21. My baby feels my love.
  22. My baby feels safe with me. 
  23. My baby and I are a great team. 
  24. When I am calm, grateful, and relaxed, so is my baby. 
  25. I trust my body, I trust my baby and my baby trusts me. 
  26. My baby is developing normally and is getting stronger with each day. 
  27. My body is capable of carrying my baby to term.Positive Pregnancy Affirmations 
  28. I let go of all the tension in my body and all the worries in my mind. I welcome peace to my pregnant body, mind, and soul. 
  29. I feel calm and confident in my pregnancy as well as my ability to give birth.Positive Pregnancy Affirmations 
  30. All the changes in my body are a sign of incredible strength that I have within me. 
  31. I feel connected to my baby and that connection will only deepen as time goes by. 
  32. My baby will enrich my life.Positive Pregnancy Affirmations 
  33. My baby will bring joy, love, and adventures into my life. 
  34. What a great gift it is to be carrying a life inside of me. 
  35. My baby will bring out the best in me. Through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood I will discover the strongest and most beautiful parts of me. 
  36. My body is capable of adapting to the pregnancy.
  37. My body was designed to give birth naturally. 
  38. I am the best mommy for my baby. 
  39. I choose to focus on the blessings, the joy, and excitement of creating a new life. 
  40. I am curious and excited about labor. What a gift it is to be able to have this unique life-altering experience. 
  41. I feel safe and supported. 
  42. My body will heal after the pregnancy and only become stronger and more beautiful. 
  43. I accept that my body will need some time to recover after the pregnancy and giving birth.
  44. I will feel attractive and confident in my body after the pregnancy. 
  45. I feel a deep connection with other women. I have endless respect for the female body.Positive Pregnancy Affirmations 
  46. I respect my pregnant body and am able to take great care of it. 
  47. Pain and discomfort are only temporary and will not determine how I will remember this journey. I choose to fill my heart and my mind with gratitude, peace, and excitement. 
  48. All the changes in my body are normal, natural, and beautiful.Positive Pregnancy Affirmations 
  49. I am able to breathe calmly and deeply. By doing so I connect with my body and my baby. I feel calm and at peace. 
  50. I look forward to meeting my baby. 



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