Positive Sides Of Being Pregnant During A Pandemic

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Pregnant during a pandemic No.2


Positive sides of being pregnant during a pandemic


Pregnancy during a pandemic has been quite a ride for many expectant mothers. As discussed in my previous post, there’s a lot that pregnant women are going through these days, and many things mamas-to-be are missing out on. Yet it’s not all been bad. There are certainly positive sides of being pregnant during a pandemic.


 Positive sides of being pregnant during a pandemic


Positive sides of being pregnant during a pandemic


x spending more time with your partner

I would say this might be the number one benefit for many couples. With home offices being the new norm many pregnant women get to have their partners around more. I think it’s so beautiful when your partner is there every step along the way, witnessing all the changes and seeing your belly grow. Not to mention being able to spend more quality time together, before the baby arrives. Being home so much also gives you more time to prepare as a couple, whether it’s by educating yourself or setting up the nursery together.

x nourishing your body, mind, and soul

It certainly seems easier in those times to prioritize nourishing your body, mind, and soul. Self-care has been an important topic during the pandemic. Not only do a lot of mamas-to-be have more time to cook fresh meals, go for walks, meditate, journal, workout, and so on, they are also surrounded by a lot of ideas and inspirations, which makes the whole process more fun and effortless. You don’t need to look far for ideas or feel like you need to justify self-care when that’s what’s trending.

x staying hydrated

Although that’s part of the previous point, I wanted to mention it separately. Working from home definitely allows us, pregnant women, to drink plenty of water and go to the bathroom whenever needed, which is a big big plus.

x more rest, more sleep

Not having much of a social life or not having to commute to and from work gives you the opportunity to spend the extra time resting. Whether it’s taking a nap during your lunch break or simply sleeping in instead of having to catch the bus. Take advantage of that mama!

x no unsolicited advice 

Oh, how people love to give advice to pregnant women about….everything. Life advice, relationship advice, health advice, motherhood advice, fashion advice, or just “I want to put in my 2 cents’ worth for no particular reason” advice. I feel like, during the pandemic, we expectant mothers must be experiencing way less of that. Instead, we have a greater chance to have meaningful exchanges and to receive advice that’s actually welcome.

x less insensitive comments or let’s put it the way it is dumb remarks/questions

x nobody randomly touching your belly 

This one I’m personally very very thankful for. For once, because when people want to touch your belly in early pregnancy it just feels weird and awkward. Your baby is tiny and nowhere near where people put their hands and your belly hasn’t changed either, except it might be very bloated. So people are technically not “touching your baby” at all at this stage. It is as awkward as it would be if they would try to touch you before you shared that you’re pregnant, which is 99% of the time unasked for and feels almost inappropriate, not to say plain annoying. The more your belly grows the more sense it might seem to make as people want to feel the baby kick. I guess now it depends on who it is and whether you feel comfortable with it or not. Either way, it’s still something I truly believe people should make sure to ask permission for, make sure mama feels comfortable with it. Not just randomly grab a woman’s belly. It is still her body and she is still allowed to have boundaries.

x you’re less likely to sneepee in public or having to desperately look for a toilet

x being able to dress cozy and comfortable most of the time

x saving money on maternity clothes

x and last but certainly not least: less outside distractions and therefore being more present

Another positive side of being pregnant during the pandemic, which actually involves all the points mentioned above is that you can be more present with your baby, your partner and also feel more connected to your own, changing body. Without all the fluff and outside noises, pregnancy can be a very intimate, “connecting” experience.