100+ Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

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This post is all about positive pregnancy affirmations. 

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100+ Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

Stay calm and confident during your pregnancy thanks to our 100+ positive pregnancy affirmations. 

positive pregnancy affirmations

We constantly have an inner dialogue going on and unfortunately for most of us, our self-talk is rather negative. Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes and challenges, with hopes and with fears, which only makes it harder to stay present, positive, to feel strong and beautiful. Luckily, there are ways to stay on track and feel centered and grateful. One powerful tool you can use to turn your negative self-talk into a more positive one, and ultimately rewire your brain to speak kindly about yourself is by using positive affirmations. In this case, positive pregnancy affirmations.

Affirmations are basically positive phrases you repeat to yourself. The best time to do so is in the morning and in the evening, in order to start and end your day on a good, peaceful note.

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It’s absolutely up to you how you choose to go about it, do what works best for you. You can listen to positive affirmations, and even record your own positive pregnancy affirmations. You can create or print out affirmation cards. You can even use post-it notes and put them on your bathroom mirror. As long as it helps you monitor your thoughts and evoke positive feelings, that’s fabulous.

Our thoughts impact our feelings and our emotions impact our brains and our bodies. Therefore, taking care of our minds is part of taking care of our pregnant body, and of our baby.

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100+ Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

  1. I will be a wonderful mother. 
  2. My pregnant body is beautiful.
  3. My baby feels my love.
  4. I welcome all the changes in my body.
  5. My body knows how to nourish and grow my baby.
  6. My baby feels my love.
  7. My baby is healthy.
  8. My baby feels safe with me.
  9. I am healthy and strong.
  10. I am capable of giving birth easily.
  11. I will have a positive breastfeeding experience. 
  12. I will be able to nourish my baby through breastfeeding for as long as it will feel right to me.
  13. My baby is happy to have me as their mother. 
  14. I am ready to become a mom. 
  15. My baby will enrich my life more than I can even imagine. 
  16. My baby will be safe in this world.
  17. I embrace all challenges and changes that come with pregnancy. 
  18. I am grateful for my pregnancy. 
  19. I am calm and at peace. 
  20. I trust my body and I trust my baby. 
  21. I am my baby’s mother for a reason, what an honor and a blessing. 
  22. I will get through all the hard days of my pregnancy. 
  23. My body will adapt to the baby’s needs, keeping me and my baby safe and healthy. 
  24. My growing belly is a beautiful miracle. 
  25. I am doing my best and that’s enough. 
  26. I deserve to rest and relax. 
  27. I deserve to nourish my body and my baby by eating enough healthy calories. 
  28. My body will find a way to get back in balance after I give birth. 
  29. My body will recover after giving birth and I will feel comfortable in my skin. 
  30. My baby is developing well. 
  31. My body supports the development of my baby as best as it can. 
  32. I am thankful for my body and all it does for my baby during this pregnancy. 
  33. I feel confident in my skin and my abilities to give birth as well as to become a mother. 
  34. My body was designed to carry my baby to term and to give birth. 
  35. All I am going through is normal and natural. 
  36. I feel safe. 
  37. I respect my pregnant body and I am taking great care of it. 
  38. I am excited to meet my baby.
  39. I am attractive just the way I am.
  40. I feel centered and I am able to slowly breathe in and out. 
  41. I got this!
  42. I love my baby. 
  43. I feel connected to my baby. 
  44. I am filled with joy and love when I look at my pregnant belly. 
  45. My baby feels wanted and welcomed in my body. 
  46. My baby is on my team, we’re in this together. 
  47. Pregnancy is teaching me to truly love myself and to love and respect my body. 
  48. My pregnant body deserves love. 
  49. My pregnancy is a gift. 
  50. I am worthy of my baby. 
  51. I refuse to compare myself to other pregnant women, everyone’s journey is unique and special. 
  52. I can ask for help. 
  53. I deserve to be supported and taken care of as well. 
  54. I can be healthy, happy, and beautiful at any size.
  55. My body knows what it’s doing. 
  56. I am in tune with my body. 
  57. It’s ok to let myself relax. 
  58. My needs are just as important as my baby’s. 
  59. Taking care of my pregnant body feels great.
  60.  I am proud of myself and of my pregnant body. 
  61. I trust. 
  62. I listen to my body.
  63. I am content with gaining weight during pregnancy.
  64. I deserve to be treated with love and respect.
  65. I am amazed by and celebrate all that my body can do. 
  66. I love my pregnant body as it is today.
  67. I promise to cherish my pregnant body.
  68. My body is a work of art.
  69. I am letting go of anything that comes in the way of my baby’s and my good health.
  70. I fully embrace this phase of my life.
  71. I am confident in the capabilities of my body.
  72. I am a good example to other women about how to treat and accept their pregnant bodies.
  73. Bad days don’t define me. 
  74. Stretch marks are a sign of strength, courage, power, dedication, and love. 
  75. I love being a woman and I celebrate my femininity.
  76. My body is my and my baby’s home. It’s powerful, it’s beautiful and it’s sacred. 
  77. All it takes to be a good mother is already within me. 
  78. I will feel strong, beautiful, and attractive after I have my child. 
  79. All my feelings and thoughts about my pregnancy are valid, yet they don’t define me. 
  80. I feel sexy in my skin. 
  81. My partner will be there for my baby and me.
  82. I will not face any challenges during my pregnancy that I cannot handle. I am strong and I am courageous. 
  83. I know my baby is doing well. 
  84. I know what my baby needs. 
  85. I choose to speak kindly about my pregnant body.
  86. I am a loving, strong mother.

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  87. My partner love and respects my pregnant, changing body.
  88.  My baby will be born at the perfect time.
  89. My baby will be born healthy, beautiful, and strong. 
  90. Each day I’m getting closer to meeting my baby. 
  91. I will have a positive labor experience. 
  92. Today I choose to love myself unconditionally. 
  93. I feel the love of others for me and my baby. 
  94. My baby will be born into a circle of love and safety. 
  95. My baby knows all is well.
  96. My baby is perfectly positioned for every stage of labor.
  97. My body knows when to give birth.
  98. I will make enough breast milk for my baby.
  99. My partner loves our baby.
  100. I carry love and joy inside of me. 
  101. My body is accepting this baby and will nourish and protect it.
  102. I choose to have a good day today and take care of my pregnant body.

This post was all about positive pregnancy affirmations.