10 Genius Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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This post is all about parenting hacks that will make your life easier.

10 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Being a parent can be many things but it certainly isn’t easy. All the challenges and learning lessons that come along with them are very valuable, however, you don’t need to struggle with every little thing. Here are 10 parenting hacks that will make your life easier.

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Daily life with little kids at home can be quite chaotic. It can be messy and dramatic. Yet it’s also the best! It’s days filled with endless laughter, joy, curiosity, and adventure. To make sure you can minimize the chaos and maximize your focus on the fun of it all, make sure to check out the following 10 parenting hacks.

10 Parenting Hacks
That Will Make Your Life Easier

    Use cupcake holders to avoid the mess created while eating popsicles. In that way drips land in the cupcake holder instead of all over your kiddo’s clothes.
    Speaking of, try making popsicles at home. It’s super easy to make fruit and veggie popsicles and home and they are definitely better for your child than the store-bought ones.
    Whether you’re into buying your kids a lot of toys or thought you can keep it to the minimum, somehow all kids’ rooms seem to end up full of toys. And we all know more toys, do not mean more fun or more focused playtime. Hence, try rotating toys.
    Pick a number of various toys that you want to leave in your child’s room and put the rest away. Then after a week or two, depending on your child’s age and the amount of toys, put those toys away and bring out a set of new ones.
    This is one of the best hacks any parent can follow.
    Not only will your child’s room look cleaner and stay organized for longer, but your child will also have more fun! They will be able to focus more and to actually use the toys that they have.
    The best part is, that you don’t need to keep buying new toys cause simply putting the ones they already have away for a while will make them feel like they have brand new ones once they get to play with them again.
    Put stickers in your child’s shoes so they know which one to put on which foot.
    Simply get a sticker, cut it in half, and place one-half in each shoe. In that way, your toddler has a little fun puzzle to solve and will also know which shoe is the left and which is the right one.
    No matter the age of your child, prepare an activity bag that you’ll always have available to take with you on any outings, longer car rides, or simply during your next visit to a restaurant.
    Not many things are worst than a bored child waiting in line somewhere, stuck with you in traffic, or waiting for food at a restaurant. Especially when you know, a little fun sticker book or cute coloring pages could help avoid any drama and tantrums.
    Not only is it easy to forget to pack some extra toys it can also be a pain in the butt to each time think about what best to pack. That way having an activity bag with extra toys and activities that your child isn’t normally playing with can be super helpful.
    What to add to an activity bag? Well, I guess that depends on your child’s age and interests. But age-appropriate dry eraser workbooks are always a great idea. Same as a little coloring book with a set of pens, a storybook, a few little stuffies/dolls/cars.
    This is not a typical hack, yet it can be a lifesaver and it’s great for building trust and healthy communication.
    When a child is asking you for something whether it’s totally unreasonable or you simply can’t and won’t give it to them in that moment, you can still grant them their wish in fantasy. Acknowledging their desire goes a long way and potentially prevent a meltdown. You could say something like “If I could I would buy you the fastest race car in the world, no I would buy you two. No, actually, I would give you a race car and a jet. Where would you drive your race car to first? Would you visit cousin Jack?” Ok, this might be a bit of a random example, but you get the idea. Most of the time, your child will be as satisfied after such interaction as if they actually got what they wanted. Their needs were heard and they were able to fantasize about having or doing what they wanted. Kids live and use their imagination a lot more than we adults do. Most of the time such an exchange will make your child feel more connected to you, more loved, and probably won’t feel like throwing a tantrum.
    Besides having an actually first aid kit in your home and your car, put together a small emergency kit that you can always carry in your handbag or your kid’s backpack. A few band-aids, a boo-boo cream, and a saline solution should be enough. Of course, that will be helpful for actual small scratches. But we also all know how the smallest boo boo in combination with feeling tired or hungry can make your child lose their ish and act overly dramatic. Yet acknowledging your child’s feelings, putting on some cream, and adding a bad aid with their favorite character on it can work miracles.
    You can keep your little one entertained for a surprisingly long time by letting them paint with water. Whether it’s on your patio, the driveway, or a wooden fence.
    Another super easy activity. Get a big cardboard box, put your child and some markers/pens in there and you’ll be surprised how much they will actually love it. Simply switching a plane white paper sheet and letting them draw on it for a box, can make all the difference.
    You can use a fitted crib sheet for much more than just your baby’s crib in their nursery room. How about creating a sand-free play area on the beach or preventing your child from being bitten by mosquitos by putting it over their camping crib outdoors?

This post was all about parenting hacks that can make your life easier.