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You can pursuit multiple passions in life.


I stumbled across Marie Forleo’s YouTube channel several years ago and it resonated with me right away. Finally, I’ve found someone who is a living proof of what I’ve always known deep down to be true, namely that you CAN have and pursuit multiple passions, you can change your mind about what you want to do, you’re not too old or too young to do it plus you can stay your silly, fun self and still be professional.

Everything is Figureoutable Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo:

♡ “Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur”; Marie Forleo quit her (what some probably perceive as a “safe and prestigious”) job on Wall Street to start life-coaching at 23 and worked inter alia as a bartender during that time, she took her first professional dance class at 25 and became a Nike Elite Athlete – just to name a few “you’re too old for that”, “why would you take such risk” steps she dared to take and she killed it!

♡ She has an award-winning show (MarieTV), world-class online training programs and she’s a bestselling author, but it took her around 7 years to turn her passions into an actual business… you probably already know that it takes years to create an overnight success.

Marie Forleo covers tons of topics on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and so on, she interviewed amazing humans such as Brené Brown and Nicholas Kristof. 

♡ She’s professional and smart, while being fun and silly at the same time.




I’m all about having a strong will, being persistent, and doing your best in whatever you do, but at the same time, I think it’s so crucial, that we stop every now and then and re-evaluate what we’re doing and why. 

It’s never too early or too late to do what you really want to or to find out what you don’t want by trying your hand at doing different things, in various fields. This is your experience on Earth, your mind, your body and your soul, use it wisely and be of service, but don’t forget to enjoy the process and take care of yourself! You don’t need to put on a suit and stop making silly faces just because some people perceive that to be the right or even the only way of “adulting”. Don’t drop out of college and quit your job to “live life” either, just because somebody on the internet makes it seem so easy, fun, and cool. Get inspired, see what options are out there, explore them, but at the end of the day please make YOUR own choices. Don’t let your culture, your family, social media or whatever influences you, make a choice for you. Don’t blindly follow whatever advice you’re getting. 

We’re constantly bombarded with contradicting ideas. Don’t hustle, hustle, hustle, when you need time to stand still, get some rest, be in the moment and simply breathe. Don’t take a week off to meditate, cause that’s cool now, when in fact you have tons of energy, a clear vision and you’re ready to go, work and explore.

Listen to your inner self and let your actions follow that voice. Whatever you may be working on or struggling with, remember, everything is figureoutable! You got this!





Some of my favorite quotes by Marie Forleo:

♡  “Everything is figureoutable.” 

♡  ” If it’s not a HELL YES! it’s a no.” 

♡  ” Starting small doesn’t mean thinking small.”

♡  ” Sensitivity is a sign of strength. It’s not about toughening up, it’s about smartening up.”

♡  ” You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul.”



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