ONE Powerful Thing You Should Do Before Moving Abroad

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The ONE thing you should do before moving abroad


So you’ve decided that you’re going to live abroad for a while. You’re making plans, you’re packing your bags, you’re daydreaming about your travels and your new adventurous life. You’re simply excited. At this point in your preparation, there’s one powerful thing you can do, that will help you get through the tougher times of your journey. 


1 Powerful Thing You Should Do Before Moving Abroad

So what should you do before moving abroad?


Know, remember, and embrace your WHY.

Something drove you to make the decision to move abroad, you have your reasons and you have your goals. Don’t worry if your only reason is that you don’t want to be where you are now. It’s a damn good one!

It might be one thing, it might be multiple things. Regardless, focus on your feelings and visions behind them. That’s your true WHY.


So you know your WHY, what’s next? Remember it! 

Be present in your current state of excitement, drive, and wanderlust, so you’re able to, later on, recall that feeling.

When you have a strong WHY in your heart, being stressed, tired, homesick, or confused won’t get to you that fast. 

So before you embark on your journey write down how you feel right now and why you’re doing it. You can even record a voice memo or a video of yourself to make it easier to get back in touch with your inner fire. 

I know it sounds ridiculous right now, but imagine yourself weeks or months into your time abroad, when the first great impressions fade, the adrenaline wears off and you’re sitting somewhere alone, tired, confused and doubting what on earth you’re even doing there (don’t get me wrong, not saying this to stop you from leaving in the first place, you will have an awesome time 99% of the time!).


Embrace your WHY

Getting back in touch with and embracing your WHY feeling, might be just what you need to push through, to snap out of the state of desperation, and to get that excitement and motivation back. It will help you see the bigger picture, stand up for what you want, and stop you from giving up and going back home too soon. 

It will also give you an instant sense of clarity and being proud of yourself as you did have the courage to take the step. You did already turn some of your dreams into reality. You did find some answers to your questions. You basically turned the unknown into real places, people, and experiences.


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Safe travels!