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1-10 Number Coloring Pages For Toddlers

Have you started introducing numbers to your toddler during playtime? Maybe they can show on their fingers how old they are? These free printable number coloring pages can be a great educational addition to your child’s daily learning fun.

We know kids learn best through play so whatever you want to teach them it’s best to do it in a natural, fun environment. If your toddler is around 2-3 years old, they definitely came across the concept of numbers. They might be able to say and show how old they are, maybe even count to 3 or to 5.

In fact, you have probably introduced your baby to numbers from their early days. Whether they hear them while you play stacking cups or building blocks. Let them hear you count as often as possible and at some point, they will count along with you. Trust me, toddlers will soon be excited to know a few numbers and use them to negotiate with you how many cookies they can have or how much longer you’re gonna stay at the playground.

Before my son learned how to count to three, he would always say “one more?”, over and over again until one more became ten.

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I don’t think two or three-year-olds want to or should sit still for too long filling out worksheets, that’s not the point. But some fun, yet quiet and focused time can be a great educational addition to all the active fun they’re having all day.

Below you’ll find a free printable with the numbers 1-10 and easy-to-color pictures.

Whether you’re homeschooling or looking for activities to take with you on a trip, simple printables for toddlers can be a great idea.

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