10 Genius Newborn Hacks To Set Yourself Up For Success

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This post is all about newborn hacks.

10 Newborn Hacks
To Set Yourself Up For Success

Being a first-time mama can be overwhelming and there is so much to think about and to prepare. Set yourself up for an easier start by following these 10 newborn hacks.

newborn hacks

Whether you’re a first-time mom or not, there is always a hack or two you might not have heard of before that will make your life with a newborn easier. Being pregnant with my second baby now, I feel like there is still so much I can learn and need to rediscover.

Simply keep on scrolling for the 10 newborn hacks that will make your mom life easier.

#1 Zipper Pijamas

Buy, or if creating a wishlist, ask for baby onesies and PJs with a zipper, not snaps. This makes diaper changes so much easier and faster, especially during nighttime.

#2 Breastfeed laying down

I wish I knew about this from the start! Laying down while breastfeeding can be a total game-changer for you, especially in the beginning when you’re extra tired and are just trying to figure out the while breastfeeding things. Your shoulders might be sore and tense. I also found that the baby would latch on really well in that position, which was a total win-win. It might not be your go-to breastfeeding position, but trust me, in the beginning, weeks it can offer a much-needed comfort.

#3 Diapers with wetness indicator

Know that there are many disposable diapers that have a wetness indicator. It’s usually simply a line that goes across the diaper that is let’s say yellow and keeps during dark blue the more peepee is in the diaper. You might want to opt for such diapers especially in the first few weeks to make the whole diaper-changing process easier.

#4 Use your breast milk in many ways, not just for feeding your baby

Know that breast milk is truly magical and can help you in so many ways. You can use it to heal your sore nipples or to heal your baby’s acne and eczema. You can put frozen breast milk in a feeder to ease teething pain, and much more!

#5 Layer baby’s sheets

You can layer baby’s waterproof bed pads and sheets. In that way, in case of an accident, you will be able to quickly make their bed. This is great for nighttime!

#6 Pull baby’s onesies down, not over their head

Some parents down know this but baby onesies are, on purpose, made in a way where you can easily pull them down, instead of over baby’s head. You will want to keep that in mind in case of blowouts!

#7 Hang the baby’s onesies upside down to dry

This hack is so practical! You don’t need any clips to hang our baby’s wet laundry. Simply hang your baby’s onesies upside down and secure them to the drying rack with the onesies’ snaps!

#8 Create sensory bags to make tummy time more fun and mess-free

Tummy time is important for your little one but you might be wondering how to keep them entertained. You can easily create super fun, engaging, and mess-free sensory bags! Fill a ziplock bag 1/3 with water or jelly and add whatever you have at home, such as glitter, pompons, rice, beats, and leaves. You can also put some paint in a ziplock bag and let the baby create mess-free art. Just make sure to securely tape the bags to the floor.

#9 Silicone Feeder

Silicon feeders are great to ease teething pain and also to introduce new foods. You can fill them with frozen breast milk or frozen fruit. You can add (cooled down) seemed veggies or soft fruit and let the baby nibble on the feeder. They will love the independence of holding the feeder, the sensation of nibbling on the silicone feeder itself, and of course the new flavors. It’s also a great way to keep the baby occupied.

#10 Opt for a diaper backpack versus a bag

If you haven’t bought one yet, opt for a diaper backpack, not a bag. They’re simply way more practical, usually more spacious, and keep your hands free at all times.

10 Newborn Hacks To Set Yourself Up For Success