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Get the perfect, natural, and super affordable summer eye makeup with e.l.f. cosmetics Mad for Matte “Summer Breeze” Eye Palette. 


Natural Matte Summer Eye Makeup


Are you on the lookout for the perfect end of summer eye makeup or you’re already getting inspiration for the fall time? The “Summer Breeze” matte eyeshadow palette by e.l.f. might be just what you need.



Finally, a matte eyeshadow palette that actually doesn’t have any glitter or shimmer particles in it!


With it’s ten beautiful natural shades you get to create both subtle and bold looks. Use the lighter tones for the perfect daily no-makeup makeup look or mix in some darker tones for a night out. 

e.l.f. Cosmetics “Summer Breeze” Eyeshadow Palette



E.l.f. states to be fully vegan and cruelty-free and on top of that, their products are super affordable.


I find this palette to be a great addition to any rather minimal, natural, cruelty-free makeup collection. 


If you like looking put together but don’t want to own a ton of products, I really recommend trying this one out. The tones are perfect for every season. 


I’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s absolutely my go-to when it comes to eye makeup. I find the shadows super flattering and long-lasting. If they do eventually fade away a bit after hours and hours then it’s evenly, they don’t crease or smudge. 


It’s the perfect eyeshadow palette for a daily effortless look.  


EcoTools Eyeshadow Brushes


I like applying the eyeshadows with the EcoTools brushes. The brand uses recycled material, biodegradable packaging, they’re vegan and cruelty-free. The brushes are very soft and glide easily over the skin. The handle is made out of bamboo and it’s very comfortable to hold. 



This post was about natural matte summer eye makeup.

Natural Matte Summer Eye Makeup