3 Mother’s Day Gifts That Any Mama Will Obsess Over

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This post is all about the best Mother’s Day gifts.

3 Mother’s Day Gifts That Any Mama Will Obsess Over

Yes, you have read it correctly. I’m gonna share 3, not 20, 50, or 100 (like the typical gift guides do) insanely good gifts for Mother’s Day. 

mothers day gifts

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Let’s be honest it’s not the easiest thing to come up with Mother’s Day gift ideas. Yes, DIY presents that come from the heart are usually a good idea. Moreover, no woman will say no to their favorite flowers and candy. Yet, if you’re on the lookout for something special for this Mother’s Day, you’ll definitely find a winner here.

I find the best combo to be something cute, thoughtful, and lasting.

In this post, you’ll find three fabulous gift ideas for Mother’s Day, in different price ranges.

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3 Mother’s Day Gifts
That Any Mama Will Obsess Over

#1 The Book: Mama. A World of Mothers and Motherhood

A celebration of motherhood and all that comes with it. The satisfaction and the sadness, the frustration, and the fun, and certainly the love.

mothers day gifts

I got this book when my son was born, and instantly fell in love with it.
Absolutely stunning illustrations, portraying motherhood around the world. A book that will warm any mama’s heart. One that will make her feel a deep connection with other women. Perfect for a gift! It will be cherished for years to come.
It is translated into many languages, so if the mom’s mother tongue isn’t English, you might want to get it in another language to make her feel even more special.

#2 Set of mugs “Mama” & “Mini”

mothers day gifts

A simple, affordable, yet absolutely charming gift! This set of mugs will put a smile on any mama’s face, no matter how stressful her day is. Whether she has a baby now and can look forward to sharing a cup of milk or tea with her little one in the future, or can already have a tea party with her kiddo. This set will make her feel special every day, every time she reaches for a mug to get her morning coffee.

#3 Personalized Necklace

mothers day gifts

Most women love jewelry and can never get enough of it. To make it more special and unique go for a personalized piece, such as a necklace. The timeless brand Merci Maman has so many different, stunning jewelry pieces to choose from. Merci Maman means ‘Thank you Mommy’ and was created as a celebration of the mother-child bond.
Fun fact: even royalty loves this brand, The Duchess of Cambridge wears a Merci Maman necklace engraved with Prince George’s name!

That’s it for this short yet sweet gift guide. I hope I could inspire you and that you found the perfect gift for a special mama in your life!

It’s time to put an extra wide smile on mama’s face!