Let’s Go On A Road Trip To Winter Wonderland

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Let’s go on a road trip in search of snow!


We did not get any snow this past holiday season and we were missing it. While looking at some photos and videos online of snowy landscapes, he asked me if I would like to be there. Yes, I would. He said he will take me. So we looked up places in Belgium where it has been snowing and decided to go on a road trip to find some. We were driving for hours and close to our “destination area” it started getting dark, but still, there was close to no snow in sight. Suddenly, the whole scenery changed, it got all white! We found snow and it seemed like it’s the middle of the day again. We drove through the snow-covered woods and then went for a long walk. It was so worth it!


snow covered trees and text Road Trip to a Winter Wonderland

Got just a few pictures to share, but hope it’s enough for you to enjoy the atmosphere or maybe make you feel like going on a road trip yourself. 

Ardennes, Belgium


Snowy landscape, road trip, winter wonderland


Snowy landscape, snow covered trees, road trip, winter wonderland



snow covered trees, road trip, winter wonderland



trees in the snow, road trip, winter wonderland



It’s been my first time visiting this area but definitely not the last and we only spend a few hours there. Next time, I hope to go for much longer and see the beautiful nature in the springtime. 

Check out the area for yourself, for more infos visit: The Ardennes