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It’s Time For Fall Home Decor Ideas 2020

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This post is all about fall home decor ideas.


Fall home decor ideas



The season is slowly changing, fall is right around the corner. Some of us already feel the days getting colder. The air smells different too. It’s time to get cozy. To get into the fall season mood, why not start by adding a warmer touch to your home? Whether you love redecorating your home for every season or you’re most happy with little seasonal accents here and there, it’s time to get inspired. Let’s check out some fall home decor ideas for 2020.



Before we get into it tho I have one more important thing to note…

It’s not about going crazy, buying whatever you see, and falling into a fall obsession. Well, unless that’s your thing, then go for it. It’s more about how a lot of us get affected by the change of seasons, so why not embrace them in our homes. We also get, unfortunately often negatively, affected by the colder weather as well as the darker days. So why not make ourselves feel cozy sipping a pumpkin chai latte out of a fall-inspired mug, while being wrapped in a fluffy blanket and setting a warm, positive mood with a fall scented candle?

You don’t need to follow every trend or spend tons of money, just do whatever makes you feel good, and sometimes, the little changes in our home, little seasonal accents can brighten up our day and make us feel more in tune with nature’s cycle. 


Here are your 2020 Fall Home Decor Ideas.






Let’s start with the basics, with what most of us probably associate with fall decor and coziness – fall scented candles. 

If you haven’t already thought about what your candles are made out of or how they were made, maybe it’s time for it this season. Let’s look for more natural, non-toxic options in eco-friendly containers.  

Fortunately, various brands start to offer eco-friendly alternatives.



Fall home decor. Candle

P.F. Candle Co. – No. 01: Spiced Pumpkin Soy Candle




Pillows and blankets


An easy way to add some fall vibes and a lot of coziness is by choosing season-appropriate, warm-colored pillow covers and blankets. 

Colors you want to look for are inter alia (but of course not only): sugar almond, rooibos tea, olive green, yellow ochre, caramel, cinnamon, terracotta, sand, orange rust, honey ginger, and sandstone. Oh, there are so many to choose from.




Fall home decor. Pillow

by MIULEE, sand color 


Fall home decor. Pillow

Country farmhouse-inspired


                                                                                                                          Fall home decor. Pillow     Fall home decor. Pillow

If the previous ones are not “fall enough” for you, you can add a pumpkin pillow








Fall home decor. Blanket

by TREELY, 100% Cotton Knitted Throw Blanket


Fall home decor. Blanket

by Pumpkin Town




Table Decor




Fall home decor. Coaster

GoCraft, natural wooden coasters with tree bark


Fall home decor. Coaster

Thirstystone, Autumn Soul II coasters


Fall home decor. Coaster

Crocheted Nautical rope coaster, 100% cotton





Fall home decor. Mug

Ceramic Campfire Style Coffee Cup, “Hello Fall”

Fall home decor. Mug

“Fall is my second favorite F-word”. Happy fkn fall! 

Fall home decor. Mug

Perfect gift for all the fall lovers


Natural fall table decor materials


Fall home decor. Wheat Stalks

Dried wheat stalks



Fall home decor. Pinecones

Unscented pinecones


Fall home decor.

Unscented mini pumpkins, perfect as a bowl filler


Table runner


Fall home decor. Table Runner

Natural jute, braided


Fall home decor. Table Runner

by Piper Classics, 100% cotton



Charger Plates


Fall home decor. Charger Plates

Fall home decor. Charger Plates


You can add some color to your table with fall-appropriate orange charger plates 






It’s always the right time for fairy lights and definitely during the fall


Fairy Lights. Fall home decor

How about a decorative tree branch with fairy lights?


Fairy Lights. Fall home decor. Solar

Solar string lights


Fairy Lights. Fall home decor. Maple Leaves Lights.

Maple leaf garland with LED lights


Fairy Lights. Fall home decor

 100 LED copper wire string lights, warm white light




Let’s not forget about pumpkins



Pumpkin. Fall home decor

Beautiful mercury glass pumpkin light



Pumpkin. Fall home decor

by Elanze Designs. I love white decorations!



Pumpkin. Fall home decor

A set of two in gold and ivory


Pumpkin. Fall home decor

In case you actually do want your pumpkins to be orange




If you want your neighbours to know you love fall, don’t forget about the entrance door


Fall wreath

I highly suggest creating your own natural DIY fall wreath. You can use pine needles, evergreen branches, pinecones, rosemary branches, wheat stalks, dried leaves, wildflowers, lavender, cinnamon sticks, and much, much more. Be creative, keep it natural.  



This post was all about fall home decor ideas.

It's Time For Fall Home Decor Ideas 2020