9 Best IKEA Baby Items For 0-6 months

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This post is all about recommended IKEA baby items for 0-6-month-olds (newborn baby essentials). 

Best IKEA Baby Items
What I’ve actually used and recommend

Figuring out to you need for your newborn baby and where to buy it can be quite overwhelming, to say the least. We want what’s nice, practical, but also not too pricey. No wonder, many of us think about IKEA. What baby items do they have? Are they good enough? Do other moms shop there for their newborns and what do they actually recommend buying at IKEA? In this post, we’ll go through a list of baby items that IKEA has to offer and I’ll highlight what items I got there for my baby, that I can absolutely recommend. 

best IKEA baby items

Ikea’s baby section offers a wide range of items from the following categories: c

Let’s focus on some essential items for your baby that you’ll need for their first six months of life. Of course, some items can and should be used for longer, but for the sake of this post, I’m sharing what I can honestly recommend. My son is 6 months old now, hence we’ll be talking about items for babies in that age group.


Like most, if not all IKEA items, it has a simple design and is easy to assemble, I also like how sturdy it is.

It has all you might be looking for in a practical, safe, first baby crib. You can lower the bottom, to adjust the height of the mattress and hence still use it once your baby grows and would otherwise climb out of the crib.

There are so many different crib styles out there and it might be hard to choose which one you want. I must say there is so much color and unique style you can add to the nursery with wall paint, wall art, textiles, etc. that opting for a simple crib might be THE way to go. It will match whatever theme you might decide to go for, even when the baby grows and the room decor changes.

The one downside I’d say, also present in many other Ikea items, by the way, is a visible, rather hard-to-remove label.

#2 Mattress

A firm mattress is a must-have for your newborn baby.

I don’t see a lot of choices online, to be honest, there were way more in store when we were buying ours. They vary in prices, material and thickness. You should definitely be able to find a good one. We went with one of the pricier ones, simply because it was thicker, firmer and I think it’s worth the investment so baby can get the best sleep possible plus we’ll be able to use it for a longer period of time, once baby grows.

#3 Fitted sheets

Crib-fitted sheets are another essential.

Keep in mind that you will wash them many, many times so a) it’s good to have a few of them so you can keep changing and washing them b) they should be of decent quality so they can actually be washed many times without losing shape and stretching out. I found that to be the case with the LENAST sheets from Ikea.

I have and recommend both the cheaper 2-pack and the more expensive one. The cheaper ones are way softer and seem thinner but surprisingly good quality, they’re still great after 6 months of regular washing. The little pricier ones (still super affordable though) are thicker and stiffer, seem sturdier good quality. There are several colors and patterns to choose from, so you should be able to find something that you like and that fits the style of the nursery.

high contrast images for baby

#4 LENAST mattress protector 

Another highly recommended IKEA baby item. Great value for the price. Easy to wash, feels like really good quality, it’s pretty thick and super practical. Highly recommend.

#5 Sleeping bag

Since we’re in the textile category already, the next one I’m surprisingly happy with is the super affordable sleeping sack we got at Ikea. To be honest, I picked it up just because it was so cheap compared to what’s out there and to simply have it as a backup for another (way pricier) one we already purchased. I must say though, I’m really glad I did!

The quality is really good, it’s as good as new after 6 months of regular use and washing. It’s soft and cozy. It was perfect for the warmer months. The neckline and zipper are placed and shaped perfectly, so it’s not too close to baby’s chin or neck, therefore it won’t scratch, squeeze or irritate baby’s skin in any way, which I cannot say about other sleeping bags I’ve seen.

#6 Blankets

We got several different ones, which we all like and use. The one that I absolutely want to recommend though is the one that surprised me the most- the cheapest of them all. The LEN blanket is super soft, warm, cozy, and surprisingly good quality. I thought it would be useless after a few washes, but no, still as soft and nice as it was in the beginning.

#7 KRAMA washcloths 

As the Ikea website states “You’ll soon discover how useful these washcloths are for wiping after eating, changing diapers, or for a runny nose. Keep them handy, wash and reuse them over and over again – and save on wet wipes.” I couldn’t agree more. Super affordable, super practical. It’s nice to have smaller size washcloths that you can use one time and toss in the wash as opposed to using bigger-sized burping clothes for everything, getting a small part dirty, and having to wash the whole thing.

#8 Basic bathtub

We got the basic bathtub, just to have something for the start and I was happy with it. It is small though, so now at 6 months it’s time to start looking for something else as baby is very active, kicking even more than he was since day one and pushing himself off a lot so he barely has room to do so. But for the start, when you have so much you got to spend money on, I don’t think a fancy bathtub is necessary, I’d say rather buy a high-quality mattress or something.

#9 Baby gym

I do like and recommend the LEKA baby gym. I adore wooden toys, so this is great.

It’s perfect from the start and it’s amazing to see how baby develops as weeks and months pass by. From probably barely seeing all the objects, to slowly being more interested, then trying to reach them, then slowly spinning the side parts, to full-on grabbing and spinning everything. My son definitely loves it. I would absolutely recommend it for the first few months.

As baby grows bigger, the sides are too close to each other and baby loves to roll over and needs more space. It is in the “newborn” toy category on Ikea’s website so that makes sense. Some parents in the review section state that once baby is learning how to stand up and walk it’s also very useful, so I guess we’ll see about that in a little bit. 

What Ikea didn’t have when we were getting ready for our newborn is the GULLIGAST baby gym that they have now.

It definitely reminds me of the popular, expensive ones, and to be honest, seems amazing. Baby will have a soft surface to lay down on and more space during tummy time as well as to roll over. We don’t have that one, so I can’t recommend it, however, it might definitely be something worth checking out.

Those are the items I can definitely recommend and am super glad we got at Ikea.

There are multiple other things we purchased for our baby there, however, they are not too special. I’m not fully satisfied with them and either have them just as back-up to better quality ones or simply wouldn’t recommend them at all. That goes for the nursing pillow (which for me, is too hard, too stiff), the cheaper changing pad as well as the changing pad covers. 

Browsing through the website now, I see multiple items that seem to be new and definitely some that I’d have considered purchasing myself back when I was getting baby’s nursery ready if they were available back then. 


With all that being said, I think it’s absolutely worth checking out Ikea for baby items. You might be surprised by the variety as well as the great quality of the items offered. You might find cheaper, yet great alternatives to fancy brand items.

Happy shopping!

This post was all about recommended IKEA baby items for 0-6-month-olds (newborn baby essentials).