If all you know is what you don’t want…

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…that’s more than enough.


If all you know is what you dont want

If all you know is what you don’t want


You never knew exactly what you wanted to do, where to live, what your partner will be like […]. You go through life simply just knowing what you don’t want. 



By eliminating what is not for you, you come closer to what is. You know that the people and places that are for you will feel just right. So as long as they don’t, you don’t settle. 



It took you a moment to see the beauty in living life that way.

You used to get a little nervous when people asked you what you want to do or who to be. Cause all you ever knew is what you didn’t want. But this saved you in so many ways, it kept you sane and adventurous at the same time.

You didn’t date one person after another, just to see if it may work out, you already knew you didn’t want it.

You didn’t stay in a job that drained your soul and climbed up the corporate ladder, just to see if maybe then you will feel accomplished after all. You already knew you didn’t want that.

If all you know is what you don’t want....

You may think you really don’t know where your place is or who your people are, but knowing what you don’t want will get you there. Spending less time in places and with people that don’t serve you will bring you closer to those who will. 

So do not worry. Don’t think not knowing what you want is an issue. Knowing what you don’t want is the best place to start, to grow, to explore, to make decisions, to be you, and to define life, love, and success for yourself.  

If you know what you don’t want, you’re in a position to let life happen, unfold naturally and beautifully, without falling into unnecessary traps.