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High Contrast Cards For Babies

Foster your baby’s curiosity and focus, and support their visual development with high contrast baby cards.

high contrast baby cards

Why do babies like black-and-white images?

Are contrast cards good for babies and if so, why?

Your baby’s vision is quite blurry in their first few months and they can only focus on high-contrast images. Therefore, the only books and toys that make any sense or are of any use for a baby in their first few weeks of life are generally the black and white ones. 

You can support your baby’s visual and cognitive development and encourage them to focus on specific images by using high contrast cards for babies. 

Get your free high contrast cards for babies pdf below!

By months three to four babies get better at distinguishing between colors. So you will notice that your baby starts showing interest in bright colors. And that’s when it’s a good idea to introduce toys and books with bright primary colors.

I didn’t see the point of downloading (and paying for) hundreds of black-and-white baby flashcards as offered online. I also didn’t feel like buying a tangible product with a very limited amount of cards or rather shapes. So I’ve decided to make my own, and now to share them with you too.

High-contrast cards make for a great baby activity during tummy time and can even be used for a DIY high-contrast baby mobile!

This set of high contrast cards for babies consists of 32 cards. That’s 8 pages in A4 format, with 4 cards on each page.

The cards show basic shapes and objects such as circles, hearts, or triangles, but you’ll also find a Christmas-themed card with a Christmas tree, presents, and snowflakes. There are flowers, moons, a car, and much more for your baby to explore!

To make the cards more durable make sure to laminate them!

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