FREE Grocery List Printable & Benefits Of Making One

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This post is all about shopping with a grocery list printable.

Grocery List Printable
& Benefits Of Making One

We all know, especially the busy mamas know, how much it stinks to run to the grocery store thinking you remember exactly what to get, just to come home and realize some of the basics are missing. Or is that just me? One way or another, we can all save some time and mental space by making a shopping list to make sure we get all we need, but also not (too) much more. Get your free grocery list printable below!

grocery list printable

You’ll find your free printables below!

I’m sure you have enough on your mind as is. Why should you, on top of all that, have to remember all the things you gotta get at the grocery shop? Writing your shopping list down on a scrappy piece of paper could be an option, same as simply adding a note on your phone or using an app like Trello. However, a very efficient way is putting a grocery list printable in a visible spot such as on your fridge, and adding items throughout the day/week. Especially if you’re someone who prefers writing stuff down on a piece of paper instead of your phone.

Benefits of creating a shopping list:

  • helps you remember all the items you need
  • helps you save time at the grocery store, especially if you organize the items by category
  • prevents impulse shopping
  • crucial for meal planning
  • one less thing to overthink
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FREE Grocery List Printable

Choose your favorite printable below. Simply click on the list you like to open it in a new tab. From there you can easily print it. Hang it on your fridge and enjoy a more stress-free meal planning and shopping experience!

grocery list printable
shopping list

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grocery list printable
grocery list printable

Happy stress-free shopping!