22 Gratitude Journal Prompts For Parents

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This post is all about gratitude journal prompts for parents.

22 Gratitude Journal Prompts For Parents

Whether you’re a journal lover looking for some extra inspo specifically connected to parenting or a complete newbie wanting to give the journaling thing a go, gratitude writing prompts are a great starting point. 

gratitude journal prompts for parents

You might be hesitant to journal as you’re not sure where to start or you’re not so into writing and don’t want to spend hours on it. But journaling doesn’t have to be complicated or take up a lot of your time and you don’t have to follow any rules either.
You can write one sentence or a full page. You can journal to preserve your memories, to let out disappointment and frustrations, or as a form of practicing gratitude. And that is precisely what we’ll be focusing on in this post. We’ll provide you with 22 gratitude journal prompts you can use as a parent.

“Adults are just outdated children.”  — Dr. Seuss

What are the benefits of journaling?

There are countless benefits of journaling, some of the major ones include:

  • it will help you regulate your emotions and reduce stress
  • you will get to know yourself better
  • it will help you become a better communicator
  • it’s a great tool for self-expression
  • it will help you see the bigger picture, set goals, focus on gratitude, and much more!

Why should you journal as a parent?

Being a parent is a lot of things, but what it is not is simple or easy.

As parents we face endless challenges, we go through a whole spectrum of emotions on a daily basis, we witness so much joy, we give and receive so much love.
Therefore, it’s important that we have an outlet to process all that. Yes, talking to your spouse, friend or mom is important and wonderful, but sometimes we need more than that.
This is where journaling comes in handy.
It’s a great way to destress, take a moment to reflect, to show gratitude, to appreciate your kids as well as yourself as a parent.

What is gratitude?

Gratitude can simply be seen as a feeling of appreciation for something or someone or it can be a state of being, a life orientation even.

To dive deeper into the topic of gratitude, what it means, where the term comes from, all the main benefits as well as great ways to practice gratitude make sure to check out the post “Grateful Heart, Happy Life. Gratitude as your free tool to a better life.

Why should you start a gratitude journal?

It’s one thing to pause for a moment each day and think grateful thoughts, yet it’s a whole new level to actually write down what you’re grateful for. Putting your thoughts and feelings on paper will help you organize your thoughts, truly reflect on a certain area of your life, dive deeper and it’s a great memory to keep.

What are journal or writing prompts?

Writing or journal prompts are simply ideas that can help you determine what to journal about. They are a great starting point to self-reflect and they take the pressure away of wondering where and how to even start writing.

How to use journal prompts?

You decide how you want to use journal prompts.

You can copy and answer all of them, only focus on a specific few, or just merely use them as inspiration and actually come up with your own version of the questions and statements.

As long as they help you get started, they’ve done their job. 

22 Gratitude Journal Prompts For Parents

  1. Today I’m proud of myself as a parent because…
  2. My kid(s) made me smile today when…
  3. I’m proud of my kid(s) for…
  4. I love being a parent because…
  5. One thing my kid(s) taught me today
  6. I am thankful that my kid(s)…
  7. Today, the best part of being a parent was…
  8. I’m thankful to my partner for…
  9. One challenge I faced today as a parent
  10. What I admire most about my partner as a parent is that…
  11. I felt most supported today when…
  12. One thing that made me feel truly alive today
  13. One thing I’m happy that I accomplished today
  14. I appreciate that my partner…
  15. My kid(s) made me happy today when…
  16. Something that made me feel special today
  17. The most beautiful thing I saw today was…
  18. Besides being a parent I’m proud of myself for…
  19. It felt so rewarding today when…
  20. My kid(s) are so special because…
  21. After a long day with my kid(s), I love treating myself to…
  22. I feel most connected to my kid(s) when…

I may not be able to give my kids everything they want, but I give them what they need: love, time, and attention. You can’t buy those things.”—Nishan Panwar

This post was all about gratitude journal prompts for parents.