39 Fun Summer Holidays Your Kids Will Love To Celebrate

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This post is all about fun summer holidays.

39 Fun Summer Holidays Your Kids Will Love To Celebrate

Whether you’re simply super excited for summer or wondering how on Earth you’re supposed to entertain your kids daily during their summer vacation, this post is for you. Check out these 39 fun summer holidays your kids will love to celebrate and turn an ordinary day into an exciting one. 

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Even if you’re that kind of parent who loves coming up with projects and activities for your kids, it’s just not always possible to do so. 

You can’t take them to spots like Disneyland every day either. Maybe they’re not old enough anyways or if they are, not only would you lose a lot of time and money, but they would also lose their minds. 

Obviously, kids need a lot of time to simply be kids. Relax, be wild, see friends, play imaginary games, and whatnot.   

Yet there are days when you want to do something special, yet keep it simple and easy at the same time.

And whether you lack time to create a particular project for your kids that day or you do have the time but maybe lack inspiration on what to actually do, there’s an awesome solution for you. 

A great and easy way to turn an ordinary day into a special one for your kids is by celebrating fun summer holidays. 

The best part is, you can make it as basic or as extravagant as you wish and have time for. 

Let’s take International Picnic Day as an example (which is actually celebrated in late spring, on June 18th). You can either simply take your kids out in nature for lunch, pack a blanket and some sandwiches. Or you can make it a theme for the whole day. Create a packing list together, put snacks together, prepare picnic/food/nature-themed coloring pages, come up with outdoor activities, make a picnic playlist, put together outfits, and so on. Involving your kids in every step of the preparation process, not just the actual picnic. 

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As you go through the list of summer holidays you’ll notice that a lot of them revolve around food. 

Don’t worry, those holidays are supposed to be fun, not give your kids cavities. Take them as inspiration. You can prepare healthy alternatives to a certain dish together with your kid or you can promise them something special for that particular day in exchange for skipping dessert the day before. 

However you want to go about it, do your thing, you know your kids best and they will love your ideas!

39 Fun Summer Holidays Your Kids Will Love To Celebrate


  • 24 June – Swim a Lap Day
  • 26 June – Chocolate Pudding Day
  • 29 June – Camera Da
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  • 1 July – International Joke Day
  • 2 July – I Forgot Day
  • 3 July – Compliment Your Mirror Day
  • 9 July – Sugar Cookie Day
  • 10 July – Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day
  • 11 July – National Swimming Pool Day
  • 13 July – Embrace Your Geekness Day
  • 15 July – Gummi Worm Day
  • 17 July – Emoji Day
  • 17 July – Ice Cream Day
  • 19 July – Stick Out Your Tongue Day
  • 20 July – Space Exploration Day
  • 20 July – Hot Dog Day
  • 22 July – Hammock Day
  • 27 July – Take your Pants for a Walk Day
  • 28 July – Milk Chocolate Day
  • 31 July – Uncommon Musical Instrument Day

Fun Summer Holidays In August:

  • 2 August – Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  • 3 August – Watermelon Day
  • 7 August – Lighthouse Day
  • 13 August – Left-Handers Day
  • 15 August – Relaxation Day
  • 16 August – Tell a Joke Day
  • 16 August – Roller Coaster Day
  • 26 August – Dog Appreciation Day
  • 31 August – Eat Outside Day

Fun Summer Holidays In September:

  • 4 September – Eat an Extra Dessert Day
  • 5 September – Cheese Pizza Day
  • 6 September – Read a Book Day
  • 9 September – Teddy Bear Day
  • 12 September – Chocolate Milkshake Day
  • 15 September – Make a Hat Day
  • 16 September – Collect Rocks Day
  • 19 September – National Gymnastics Day
  • 19 September – International Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • 21 September – Miniature Golf Day

Let’s Celebrate!